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    Toteponics DIY Kit

    The Toteponics Kit uses three IBCs (Intermediate Bulk Carriers, also called Tote Tanks in some parts of the USA, hence the name of the kit) to construct a productive, back-yard aquaponics system, made up of one fish tank and three media grow-beds. GroTowers can also be added, if desired.
    This is a fast, easy and cheap way to get started in aquaponics. IBC tanks of around 1000 litres capacity will give your system the stability and reliability to grow copious amounts of fish and vegetables.

    The Fish: A safe stocking level is 20-30 kg of fish per cubic metre of water circulating in the system. You can grow whatever type of fish are suitable for your area.

    The Water: You will have approx 1300 L circulating in the system. When the system is run well, the water quality will remain good, as the media beds do an excellent job of filtering the water and capturing nutrients.

    The Grow-Beds: The media-filled grow-beds operate on the flood-and-drain method, controlled by an autosiphon (bell siphon) in each bed. Water is pumped into the beds from the fish tank/sump and, once the correct level is reached, the autosiphons drain the beds and release the water back to the sump/fish tank. As the water flows through the media beds, fish waste settles out, ensuring the water returning to the fish tank is nice and clean. The inflow to the fish tank has the additional benefit of aerating the water for the fish.

    The Plants: As with any media beds in an aquaponics system, the variety of plants you can grow is limited only by your own imagination. We have had excellent results with corn, lettuce, other leafy greens, herbs, cucumbers, melons, tomatoes, strawberries… the list is long and delicious!

    The Instructions: If you want to have a go at building your own Toteponics Kit, you can follow Murray step-by-step as he builds a Toteponics Kit, on the DVD DIY Aquaponics, which also has a printable PDF with detailed instructions, including lists of tools and materials needed. This DVD also has an additional title on it – “Aquaponics: The First 12 Months”, which follows an aquaponics system from construction right through its first year of operation; learn what to expect as your system settles in and matures.

    If books are more your thing, these same detailed instructions for the Toteponics Kit are also available in Murray’s Book of Plans, which also contains detailed plans for the Indy 11.5 System, Wicking Beds, and the Bathtub Kit – four great plans in one book!

    The Equipment: If you want to spare yourself some running around, our Toteponics Pipe & Fittings Kit contains all the pipe-work, including connections and glue, needed to construct the Toteponics Kit.