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    The most up-to-date and comprehensive aquaponics resource available today is found right here.

    Murray Hallam’s 3 DVDs combined have over 290 minutes of high-quality information. Practical Aquaponics Blog has regular up-to-date postings and a vibrant membership section for that special attention you may require. Practical Aquaponics Forum has 11,500 members from around the world with over 98,000 posts. Practical Aquaponics Seminars and Workshops provide face-to-face contact and direct, quality information from Murray and other leading trainers. See Practical Aquaponics Facebook Page for instant information and updates. Also see our Aquaponics Design Course FaceBook page. This page gives up-to-date information about our world-leading online aquaponics training.

    Below are outlines of the content for each style of seminar.

    Aquaponics Master Class

    We will help you make your home, school or commercial aquaponics dream a reality.

    Course Outline

    Day 1

    Aquaponics Course Descriptor Introductions, Greenhouse Inspection and Overview Planning the Farm – Finance, Materials, Infrastructure How does it work? Nitrogen Cycle, pH, O2, Disease & Nutrients Filtration – Types & Choices Crop Choice; Plants & Fish ‘How To’ Marketing My Product/Business – Variation to Pricing, Value Adding, Branding Introduction to Legal Matters – Local & State

    Day 2

    Farm style – FloMedia, DWC, NFT, MBB design, Construction & Building – Methods & Choices Hydroponic Components & Aquaculture components Greenhouse Considerations – Covered Growing Choices in Grow Media Wicking Beds Pest Control – Insects & Diseases Microbiology & Water Chemistry Q & A Session<

    Day 3

    Nutrient Availability Plumbing, Pumps, Solar, Backup, Legal Matters (2) Marketing (2) – Internet, Sundry Marketing, Farm-Gate Sales, plus others

    Day 4

    Construction & Building (2) Greenhouse Technology, Heating & Cooling FloMedia Technology – Its Additions & Variations Bio-security

    Final Q&A session

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    PLEASE NOTE: This is a summary of the Aquaponics Master Class course content. Hand-out notes and other material will be made available during the course. We reserve the right to change, add to or alter any aspect of the training without notice.

    A comprehensive manual is provided for each student during the course. Dropbox folder access after the course provides a comprehensive list of PDF files for later use, including two very detailed business-planning spreadsheets.

    Please note: If using the above shopping cart to secure your place, Goods and Services Tax will be charged if you are an Australian resident and will not be charged if you are from another country. The system will calculate this when your address details are added to the shopping cart.



    Eight Week Online AQUAPONICS DESIGN COURSEIf you have the internet, you can study Aquaponics.
    We will help you make your home, school or commercial aquaponics dream a reality.

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    The next online Aquaponics Design Course will open for registration on 1st October.
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