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    What Our Students Say

    What our students are saying about our training courses
    160 + student testimonials

    Shadi I.,  Syria, 22 Feb 2018 – Thank you for your great efforts. You were my friend and my assistant in the years of siege. For three consecutive years, my family and i were trapped in our town in Syria and your videos were our only help in making our food and saving us from starvation. thanx again 🙂

    Regina M., Toronto, Canada, 19 Feb 2018 – I would like to say thank you for this awesome program. The way in which you teach is easy to understand and very well done.  I wanted to learn about aquaponics so that I can install a system at the boys and girls club I teach at. Well, just last week the children and I installed a small system in the classroom. We are now cycling the system!

    Jason O., United States, 2 Feb 2018 –Thank you Murray for offering this course. I have enrolled in multiple courses and feel that this course is the best by far and most informative. thank you again for this opportunity, I look forward to taking this course again in the future.

    Shailesh P., United States, 1 Feb 2018 – This course is absolutely perfect. It covers beginner to advance topics and puts together all the knowledge one needs in a single place. Murray is a great instructor and very personable. I enjoyed it tremendously and have recommended it to my friends.

    Stuart D., Australia, 31 Jan 2018 – Murray is very inspiring. Worth while doing. Information packed.

    Richard D., France, 17 Jan 2018 – I recommend Murray Hallam’s Aquaponics design course to everyone who would like to set up an aquaponics system, whether it’s for home only or commercial purpose. Murray has great experience in aquaponics, and shows it in his videos. He has countless systems that he started and where he makes experiments (the best would be the 4m-tall papaya tree) and you get to see them during the course. What is also important and impressive is the many interviews and visits of farmers and farms all around the world. It proves the sustainability of aquaponics and it is not just backyard experience.  By the way, I love Murray’s sense of humor. It makes the course fun and not boring at all.  So if you look for an aquaponics course, don’t hesitate and take Murray’s. You’ll be amazed at what you will learn, even if you think your English is not good enough or you don’t understand his Aussy accent: he has sub-titles for all videos!

    Julie L., United Kingdom, 16 Jan 2018 – Murray Hallam has always been the go to guy for a practical down to earth approach and extensive knowledge about aquaponics. His straight forward teaching method is a joy and the lack of hype really appeals to me.

    Petre J., Germany, 15 Jan 2018 – The Aquaponics Design System course is the best course I ever attended to in my entire life. This is the course where you really learn everything about plants and fishes working together one for each other in order to feed you and many others.  Thank you Sir Murray!

    Maxime H., Vietnam & France, 14 Jan 2018 – It has been a really nice journey while I learned a lot and find a way to break the daily routine with a probable farm launch, an healthier future and even maybe a new career objective!  So a Big Thanks to Murray and his team for this course!

    Paul B., New South Wales, Australia, 11 Jan 2018 –  A big thank you Murray to you and your team for an awesome course, I loved every minute of it, and would recommend it to anyone looking to learn about Aquaponics. I am very confident to now embark on my journey into aquaponics armed with the knowledge and expertise you have provided through this course. Thank you Murray.

    Vincent F., Quebec, Canada, 31 Dec 2017 – Very happy with the material shared during the course. I can’t wait to setup my home system to start testing for further and bigger development. Thanks a lot Murray. Keep doing your great work! “How good is that?!”

    Auro S., India, 30 Dec 2017 – I am very pleased with the Aquaponics Design Course by Murray Hallam. It provides an in-depth understanding about Aquaponics and how to build your own Aquaponics system from the comfort of your home. Murray Hallam is a wonderful teacher and is easily accessible for any doubts during the course. Another advantage is that the course provides detailed, step by step instructions, including parts required, to build a small and medium home aquaponics system. I would highly recommend this course to anyone serious about learning Aquaponics from one of the most renowned names in the Aquaponics sector. Thank you!

    Ryan O., Mauritius, 23 Dec 2017 – It’s a great course, well worth the investment. The passion of Murray is great and I found the information shared is clear and well explained.  Even if a business is not developed from the course, the knowledge gain can be a cost saving and more importantly lead to a health way of living for the family.  Should be a subject at schools.  Thank you.  Ryan.

    Deepak L., United Arab Emirates, 22 Dec 2017 – Mr. Murray Hallam’s Practical Aquaponics Design course is a wonderful way to get the precise and right knowledge needed to give oneself the confidence and excitement needed to get into this wonderful new industry. I would highly recommend anyone to join. The amount in knowledge definitely bypasses the cost of the course. Murray himself is such a dynamic personality which makes the course even more enjoyable.

    Joel G., Wyoming, USA, 16 Dec 2017 – If you are looking to learn about Aquaponics, look no further than this Aquaponics Design Course. This is the most professional course I have found. Every lesson is organized and structured so that everyone can easily learn the fundamentals of Aquaponics at their own pace. The ability to go over the material multiple times is extremely helpful, as there is so much information in this course. I went from knowing very little about Aquaponics to being confident enough to build, manage and maintain an Aquaponics system in 8 weeks. This is an outstanding and professional course!!! I highly recommend this to anyone interested in Aquaponics.  Joel Guggenmos

    Tracey Lee V., South Africa, 14 Dec 2017 – I just want to say if you thinking of doing this course, do not hesitate, the wealth of information you receive is fantastic. It’s easy to follow and support is there, every week you are inspired. I would highly recommend it and it’s very good value for money!

    Vincenzo C., South Africa, 14 Dec 2017 – I found this course to be incredibly informative and the things I picked up from the course material I would have never been able to find on the internet. This course for me was without a doubt worth every single penny and every second of my time. I would do the course over and over again not only because its informative but it’s also extremely fun learning with Murray Hallam. This course has without a doubt catapulted me way ahead of what any other course out there will, I know this as I have done a few other courses, and the Aquaponics Design Course is light years ahead of the rest.

    Don S., Missouri, USA, 8 Dec 2017 – I’ve watched many of Murray’s videos on YouTube. They were a big part of my justification to take this course. I liked his background with building boats. It gave him a background for building the tanks and materials. He kept things simple, which is probably best method to deliver all levels of Aquaponics. His presentations were easy to understand.

    Carrie W., Canada, 8 Dec 2017 – This course is so accessible. I put on my head phones, jumped on the treadmill and listened to the lessons. Perfect because I’m so busy during the day that to try to get to a regularly scheduled class would be extremely challenging. The course is well thought out and logical. Step by step for everything. So well explained. I’m so excited to get started…..although I’m going to wait until spring because winter on the west coast of Canada is a little cold to play outside for very long and very soggy.

    Maria B., Philippines/Canada, 7 Dec 2017 – I love plants especially vegetables, it was my wish to work part time in a hydroponics greenhouse here in Vancouver when I came but I never got the chance to, not even seeing one.  I never realized that one day I can even have the chance to build my OWN aquaponics because of this Aquaponics Design Course!! And its better than hydroponics! Plus I can even go commercial one day too!  Its a COURSE BEST DESIGNED to learn AQUAPONICS!  Thank you Mr. Hallam and to your team!

    Rejo I., Muscat, Oman, 6 Dec 2017 –  I had acquired a fair idea and basic concepts about Aquaponics from the internet and from the book Aquaponic Gardening – A Step-by-step guide to Raising Vegetables and Fish Together (By Sylvia Bernstein). However the tables turned when I visited the Aquaponic Farm designed and built by Murray Hallam’s student Arvind Venkatesh here in Oman. My interest grew from fascination to a desire to learn in depth about growing this ecosystem. As I watched some videos from MurrayHallam.com, I came across an interview Murray had with Arvind and his projects. I was keen on learning more from Murray who is one of the pioneer in this field. The course is undoubtedly one of the best and gives valuable knowledge for anyone who wants to learn in detail about aquaponics.

    Lim C., Pahang, Malaysia, 5 Dec 2017 – Murray is really a good teacher which no willing to learn, expose and experiment all sort of thing related to aquaponic by himself. At the same time, Murray is no hestitate to share update and comment on the question u face in aquaponic.
    Being want to be a casual or commercial AP farmer. This is a much better way to learn as compare to learn from a casual or commercial farmer as ADC able to gather information and hard data from various real life experiment.  This is a course worth to enroll in!

    Luana G., Barbados, 5 Dec 2017 – This is the best online course I have ever done. From start to finish the content was precise and easy to understand. I never felt that I was left behind or in the dark about anything. Very good value for money. Excellent presentation style. Excellent videography. Each module and video was the right size and length to make it manageable and you never felt overwhelmed in any way. The questions were answered in a timely manner. The fact that you come away with not only the knowledge gained from the course, but a handbook, bonus videos, templates to log daily readings, business tools in the form of spreadsheets, a mind mapping tool, as well as access to the videos for a year, to the forum, really blew my mind! These were bonuses I never expected. This course has opened my eyes to aquaponics in a way that I have not been able to find anywhere else. The case studies really helped with the vision a student may have of going on to doing aquaponics on a commercial scale. I can’t say enough about this course. Very well done. Thank you Murray, thank you Frank and thanks to all the other team members who worked to put together such an amazing and invaluable course. It feels great to be a part of this aquaponics community. Truly humbled and blessed.

    Russel K., Israel, 5 Dec 2017 – I was always interested in aquaponics and its potential in the world agricultural market. I had read many books and viewed many videos online and thought that I had the theory down, however I was lacking the technical knowledge and instruction from a Pro that connected the dots for me. Having Murray walk you from A to Z gave me the confidence to build my own system without worry. The course was fun, informative, well presented and well worth the time and money. Thanks Murray (and the team)!

    John T., California, USA, 4 Dec 2017 – The Aquaponics Design Course offered by Murray Hallam was everything I needed to take my small amateur backyard aquaponics system to a commercial level. I would never have figured these things out without the course and Murray’s astounding presentations.Thank You!

    Yi Chin H., Taiwan, 4 Dec 2017 – Really appreciate for Murray and the team. During the course, we had learned the most useful and updated knowledge about aquaponics, also had connected to so much resources. The course arrangement was so wonderful from basic to advance, and tensionless learning. I am so satisfied with your course and thanks again.

    Atle D., Norway/Ghana, 4 Dec 2017 – Hi Murray.  Fantastic course, your knowledge is unbelievable. I will start a commercial farm and I am sure you have saved me a lot of money and frustration. I am so happy I took the course, best spent money ever.  Thanks a lot.  Atle

    Madhava M., India, 4 Dec 2017 – This course is very useful in understanding how aquaponics system works and pros & cons in aquaponics.  The explanation by Murray is very excellent.

    Senthil R., Tamil Nadu, India, 4 Dec 2017 – Initially I have experienced the fear of paying the cash. Once stared this course I didn’t think again about the cost. Worth for Money.I loved every minute of this course. Thanks Murray

    Henry J., Indonesia, 4 Dec 2017 – This course is very good for me as it points out many items that it would take a long time for me to figure out.

    Alandre V., New South Wales Australia, 4 Dec 2017 – The Aquaponics Design Course offered by Murray was absolutely fantastic. It is packed full of all the knowledge you need to understand the basics of aquaponics as well as lots of practical information and real life examples. I absolutely loved the course and am ready to embark on my own aquaponics journey, thank you Murray.

    Omar T., Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, 12 Oct 2017 – Hi Murray; I would like to thank you for sharing your knowledge to me. It was a great course! I enjoyed every bit of it. It was worth more than I have paid for. May God bless you, your family, and your efforts in putting all these great learning together. I hope to meet you personally at Oregon this November.  Thanks again.

    Scott D., Amazonas, Brazil, 10 Oct 2017 – Hi Murray, I would like to thank you and your team for the outstanding opportunity you have provided your students, including myself, with this well-organised and comprehensively detailed Online Aquaponics Design Course. It is so encouraging to know that Aquaponics and its teachings is in such great demand around the world. And through your wealth of knowledge and years of hands on experience you and your team have put together an engaging, honest and most detailed insight into aquaponics from the beginner through to the seasoned professional, with no stone (3/4 inca gravel) unturned. It must be very humbling to know that through your teachings and strong passion for Aquaponics and its sustainable pathways for the environment and food security, your students, placed all over the globe, have gained access to your experiences through this interactive online design course and are now starting their own journey through small home systems or large commercial business ventures, and I hope in the future that we can become part of this growing Aquaponics community. Kind regards, Scott Daniel – Fazenda Flor de Belita

    Paul V., Western Australia, 6 Oct 2017 – Thanks Murray for a well structured and presented course. All of the content is relevant and has given me a greater understanding of how my system works, if only I had done the course before I built my own system, it would have saved me a lot of time and money, it has been worth every cent.

    Theresa C., California, USA, 5 Oct 2017 – Murray gives lots of great information, I would highly recommend this course to anyone that asks where to find good info.

    Ismael S., Philippines, 2 Oct 2017 – Excellent work to your team Murray. I really recommend your course to everyone interested in agriculture particularly in growing plants and vegetables. So much information to gain.

    Christopher A., Utah, USA, 2 Oct 2017 – I started this course barely knowing anything about aquaponics. I slowly built a system as the course went on out of ibc tanks. I now have a cycled system and have already harvested some beans, mesculin, spinach, and soon to be cucumbers and lettuce varieties. I also have a lemon tree, tomatoes, peppers, lettuces, basil, melons, strawberries, and papayas growing.  I also have connections that can help me acquire the equipment to go completely solar and expand my marketing scheme. Those connections never would have come about if I wouldn’t have taken this course.  I now have plans to start up an aquaponics and microgreens farm. I have many of the supplies already but am just saving up for some nice property and greenhouses.  None of this would have been possible without Murray’s generosity and amazing training. This course was life changing. It is a combination of my favorite things. Fish, food, and gardening. What more can you ask for?  Thanks Murray!

    Kristian S., Macau (SAR China), 2 Oct 2017 – Murray’s Aquaponics course is second to none.  It is fantastic in every way and I would strongly recommend it to anybody who is looking to step into the world of Aquaponics, whether it be for small home projects or large scale commercial farms.  The time and commitment he has put into this course really shows, he makes hard, complicated topics easy to digest and understand whilst providing you with massive amounts of valuable, Useable information, taken from his many years of experience and the experience of his past students who have graduated the course.  Truly a life changing course for me, Aquaponics is the calling I have been waiting for. I predict Great things on the horizon. Do the course, you will not regret it.

    Sunil J., India, 2 Oct 2017 – This course is really good to lean aquaponics in a practical sides, because many You Tubes videos are not teaching correct methods.  Mr. Murray is well experienced in Aquaponics teaching techniques and videos are very useful and teaching methods are also helpful.

    Mofoluwaso A., Alberta, Canada, 1 Oct 2017 – Awesome course. So real, so practical very inspiring.

    Terence K., Singapore, 1 Oct 2017 – I would like to thank Murray for providing such a great course for new entrant like me. Before my journey with Aquaponics Design Course, I thought the course would be quite theoretical. However, it turns out to be a practical and informative course. For almost 6 months, I am still learning by doing and creating my own farm systems. I’m humbled to share that the course not only help me in designing our farm system, it gives me a better perspective in life and the importance to combat food security in our country. Thank you once again!

    Toni M., Queensland, Australia, 30 Sept 2017 – Very enjoyable and educational course. Murray has extensive knowledge and experience in the practice of aquaponics.

    Armando L., Alabama, USA, 30 Sept 2017 – It is really satisfying to have been immersed in so much information during these weeks and to have had the opportunity to learn the wonders that aquaponics has.

    Cameron H., Koh Samui, Thailand, 29 Sept 2017 – Was a late evening many years back sitting in my office on youtube where aquaponics popped up in the form of Murray Hallam growing fish and plants in a closed loop sustainable system and eating both ! An immediate obsession began and within a week I had bought some talapia and was then piecing a basic system together. Years followed and I never really made the system perfect until completing the July 2017 course which far exceeded my expectations on many levels. Upon the completion of a few more home / small commercial builds I feel confident I’ll be able to design and implement much larger commercial systems across varied climates. The course was brilliant and life changing. Kind regards, Cameron Hansen

    Oana D., Indonesia, 29 Sept 2017 – I am in fact delighted to write this part: It took me few months to decide to enrol to your class Murray, and oh boy what a good decision that was. When I enrolled I had the feeling that there is a bit more that I need to know about aquaponics, but know what? you proved me wrong!!! because you teach me much more and opened my eyes to new ideas and opportunities. I am fairly confident of my investment now and I know I will make good use of it.  Thank you for taking the decision to share the good work with us!!

    Simon B., Quebec, Canada, 29 Sept 2017 – I came into this course with the basic understanding of aquaponics. Now that the course is over all I can say is wow! thank you Murray and your team. The amount of information given is worth every penny. I recommend this course to anyone who wants to build a home system or commercial farm this course covers it all!  Thank you again Murray.  Simon- Canada

    Evan T., South Australia, 28 Sept 2017 – Murray Hallam’s “Aquaponics Design Course” is a great course that will cater for all knowledge levels, from the beginner to a commercial operator. The course provides a huge amount of information in a practical and easy to understand manner. Murray’s wealth of knowledge and passion for this subject is infectious and makes the learning experience all the more enjoyable.

    Timon S., Cambodia, 28 Sept 2017 – A complete course packed with experience, knowledge and entertainment. Everything is very professional. Perfect for beginners. We loved it.

    Linda M., Italy, 28 Sept 2017 – I feel I’ve just begun a new journey of learning. Murray is an excellent teacher, never obvious and boring. I couldn’t wait to watch the next video and to learn more and more about this fantastic ecosystem. He made me discover a whole new (powerful) world!

    Donna H., Texas, USA, 28 Sept 2017 – This course is a must for anyone who is interested in conserving water, eliminating the back-breaking work associated with traditional gardening, and maximizing harvests. I consider this a crucial step in my “prepping” and my goal of providing healthy food for myself, my family, and my community.

    Jim K., Texas, USA, 27 Sept 2017 – Committing one’s time and resources to designing and building an aquaponics system requires one has the confidence to begin the journey. Murray’s Aquaponics Design Course has in six weeks provided the system understanding that has given me the confidence to take action. Murray is an excellent teacher and his passion, humor, and practical approach make the course entertaining and easy to follow. The course is well worth the time invested!

    Xi Z., New South Wales, Australia, 27 Sept 2017 – It is a wonderful course. It basic taught me every thing about Aqaponics from nill. I think I can run one without any big mistakes.

    Patrick S., Shanghai, China, 27 Sept 2017 – After researching online on the different aquaponic courses options, I had no doubt that this course would be the best choice and I was not wrong. Murray’s global experience in the field on all aspects is unrivalled. All aspects are covered, from the proper design and construction of aquaponic systems, the set-ups of pumps, batteries and mechanical maintenance, to all the other aspects from chemistry to agriculture and economics that are relevant to be successful in this industry. For people such as myself which live on a busy schedule, this online course allows to organize the study time whenever possible in between busy schedules and different countries’ time shifts. Lessons can be reviewed anytime needed. The course is taught in a way that people without an agricultural background such as myself, can easily understand the course and gain a vast amount of knowledge that enables one to kickstart its aquaponic venture with confidence. Definitely satisfied and would recommend this course to anyone, from the beginner to those who already have knowledge of aquaponics but want a systematic approach and in depth understanding of how it works.

    Jon C., New South Wales, Australia,27 Sept 2017 – I came across Murray Hallam and the Aquaponics Design Course by accident while searching of ways to improve the performance of my own small system (Youtube is only good to a point). Initially I experienced the fear of parting with cash for an unknown outcome. Once I started the course I didn’t think again about the cost. Excellent content: thorough, concise and delivered with generosity, passion, humour and commitment. Murray reminded me of a good humoured Bill Mollison and I believe that Murray’s legacy, through this course, will be as significant as Bill’s.

    Syed M., Singapore, 27 Sept 2017 – My extensive market research showed that Murray is the Aquaponics Guru of current time and I am so glad that I had the opportunity to learn from the Guru and interact with him virtually. The course covers everything required to be an Aquaponics designer. His method of teaching is excellent, best teaching method I have ever experienced. Thank You Murray and the Team!

    Rohan B., Victoria, Australia, 27 Sept 2017 – This course is fantastic. I cannot think of anything that wasn’t covered. There was also a lot of information about topics which I hadn’t even thought about but are actually essential to my learning. Well done Murray, and thanks for answering all my questions. Rohan (Melbourne, Australia)

    Dhan K., Nepal, 27 Sept 2017 – The course is very helpful if you are serious about aquaponics.  Its worth the investment, if you want to start aquaponics system, and want to build it as your income source.  It will reduce your time, and start your own system, immediately with confident.  The course information will make aquaponics very easy to start.

    Alvin T., Philippines, 27 Sept 2017 – I would like to thank Murray Hallam and his team for putting up this Aquaponics Design Coarse online for those people like me who cannot do the actual coarse, it gives me tremendous knowledge and techniques and practical applications on the field of Aquaponics. I would be very happy to meet and learn more from Murray Hallam personally sometime in the future. Congratulations and Best Wishes to all.

    Ebinbin A., Abuja, Nigeria, 27 Sept 2017 – Great course, wonderful experience and a ‘must attend’ for anyone really serious in learning Aquaponics through a practical approach.  This course was very informative and cleared all doubts on Aquaponics while providing sufficient knowledge innovate my own design ideas on Aquaponics design from start to finish.

    Mark C., Kansas, USA, 27 Sept 2017 – By far the best online class I’ve ever taken, no regrets!! Very informative, eye opening and worth every penny. How good is that!!

    Ornela F., United Kingdom, 27 Sept 2017 – Thank you so much for a such great course . Very well organised . English is not my mother language but I did understand everything.   Good printed materials to keep. Big thank you.

    Boganatham S., India, 26 July 2017 –  I am very interested in aquaponics. I read so many videos. Your explaining is very good.

    Ladd U., Georgia, USA, 17 July 2017 – Hi Murray, Just wanted to say thank you! The Aquaponics Design Course certainly exceeded my expectations. I had read a couple books on the subject and wanted to dive deeper into the details. Your course certainly provided that. I do intend to incorporate Aquaponics in my future business plans and I believe this course has given me a solid foundation of knowledge to proceed with confidence.  Thank you,  Ladd Usher

    David B., Maine, USA, 6 July 2017 – I have been working with hydroponics and aquaponics for several years and this course answered so many of the questions I had with setting up and efficiently operating an aquaponics system. The course is loaded with new ideas and information that will make your aquaponics project successful and enjoyable. Murray is the best!!! If you want to do aquaponics the correct way, take this course. Absolutely awesome!!

    Marianne V., Taiwan (ROC), 3 July 2017 – I am very happy that I signed up for the Aquaponics Design Course. It is very informative and inspiring. Murray’s experience and expertise is of great benefit to his students. I can’t wait to design my own Aquaponics system and start feeding myself and my family, and hopefully – very soon in the future – very happy customers.

    Lawrence B., California, USA, 3 July 2017 – This is an excellent class. Very well thought out. It walks us through from the very start. Each step builds on the last making it straightforward and easy to progress. This is a wonderful start to aquaponics.

    Dan R., Queensland, Australia, 1 July 2017 – Murray’s online aquaponics design course is super informative, this course is worth the money. Whether you are just wanting to run a system for your own use or design, build and run commercial farms. Talking to people that are running small systems since I have done the course, it becomes obvious that you can stumble along and get some sort of result with limited information. Murray’s course provides much more complete information on the entire process from design to produce. Importantly for me, I now understand WHY and HOW this process works.  Thanks for a great course.

    John N., Utah, USA, 27 June 2017 – I would highly recommend this course to anyone even remotely interested in Aquaponics. I watched a lot of YouTube videos and thought to myself why would I want to pay to take a course when there is so much on You Tube about it. Then last minute I decided to take the Aquaponics Design Course and am I ever glad I did. There was so much to learn that I am still going back and watching the videos and trying to take it all in. It would do a lot of DIY You Tubers good to take this course. Thanks again Murray

    Cedric F., Mauritius, 23 June 2017 – I have been across Aquaponics on the internet, but Murray’s approach has shown to be the best so far. In terms of knowledge, in passing this through online and of course, for his unmatched sense of humour. Definitely worth every dollar I spent into this course.

    Bala B., India, 21 June 2017 – Hi Murray, It has been an honor to be part of your lessons – it was truly amazing and I learned so much! Your course has been such a great help and it was all around a wonderful experience.  I’ve been watching, reading comments, the book and my notes all over again and again. So much stuff. Very useful. So much fun.  Just for an example, few days back, I have got an opportunity to address 20+ people who are interested to invest in AP (some from neighboring states as well). I was surprised myself that I was so confident and was able to answer all their queries. Even till today few of them are in contact with me to clarify their doubts. I have achieved this level of confidence by just from knowledge which I gained thru your course. Once I finish with my R&D, real projects, I am sure, I could do much more wonders in coming future. Thanks a ton Murray Sir!!.  Best Regards, Bala Bhaskar Kothagundu

    Ryan G., Kansas, USA, 21 June 2017 – I thoroughly enjoyed Murrays Aquaponics course and stockpiled a valuable amount of knowledge during the 6 week online course! The videos made it easy to go at your own pace and not feel pressure to keep up! The website interface is very user friendly and allows you to mark the videos as you’ve watched them, I found this very helpful. Murray has an excellent method of delivering the information, in a way that is understandable for all aquaponic experience levels! I highly recommend this course to anyone interested in moving water, plants, or fish! – Ryan Guinn, USA.

    Mario W., Sarawak, Malaysia, 20 June 2017 – I highly valued the 6 week’s Murray Hallam’s Design Course. We students felt that Mr Murray is a great facilitator and good presenter in the aquaponic course. The course gave me great inspiration of wanting to become a commercial farmer by investing in a large commercial aquaponic system in the near future. Most important, we are confident of undertaking a aquaponic unit project after the course. Thank you , sir.

    Yasser B., Saudi Arabia, 20 June 2017 – Every now and then I like to learn and master something new, and this was the perfect place to come and master Aquaponics from the master himself.

    Judy D., Bahrain & Kenya, 19 June 2017 – I thoroughly enjoyed the course and eagerly awaited Sundays when the next subject went live! As someone already said – it was like waiting for Christmas Day!

    Phil J., New South Wales, Australia, 18 June 2017 – I was excited when I found the Aquaponics Design Course on the internet. I couldn’t wait for it to start having had a keen interest in aquaculture for 20 years, and then seeing aquaponics at a marine study centre at Port Macquarie NSW. The ability to look through Murray’s free videos online certainly clinched the deal for me. From these I knew I was seeing an expert with the passion to teach me what I needed to know. I was not disappointed in any way. The on-line course delivered all my expectations and more. I couldn’t wait to get home from work to sit down and get stuck into the next series of videos. It was intense for sure, but that was what was needed to cover so much material in six weeks. The assignment was actually the cream on the cake. Simply because it made you take stock of what you had learnt. It made you go back and revise what had been presented and then put it on paper. It was a great learning tool in its own right. I can’t thank Murray and his team enough for giving me a tremendously exciting and rewarding six weeks. Loved every minute of it 🙂

    Brian H., Queensland, Australia, 18 June 2017 – Hi Murray, I was a bit sceptical about what I would learn, but when talking to you the reply was it would be beneficial, and that it was. I was only interested in trying to add a couple of ideas into my already existing system, but now have the ideas & knowledge gained by your course to revamp my system to incorporate a lot more and make it a much better system and look after the system a lot easier and more diversity. Well done and well put together and muchly appreciate your passing on your knowledge. Regards Brian

    Ludek L., Austria, 16 June 2017 – The aquaponics design course presented by Murray Hallam was one of the most interesting and enjoyable courses that I have undertaken in a very long time. The information provided and the mode of information transfer made all points very clear and easy to understand. I would highly recommend this course to anybody interested in aquaponics, be it for the development of a home system or for those interested in getting involved in starting up a commercial business.  Ludek Lukasek

    John C., Namibia, 15 June 2017 – The Aquaponics Design Course is a great investment into your self, your health and your pocket! A definite MUST DO!!

    Deborah C., Utah, USA, 15 June 2017 – I was nervous about choosing from the many courses out there, I wanted to make sure that whatever course I choose gave me all the information I needed to feel comfortable and confident in doing a small farm on my own. I have to say, Murray’s Aquaponics Design Course exceeded my expectations. There was more information than I could have imagined and it was easy to follow. Not only do I feel confident, but Murray and his team are there every step of the way and are very responsive. This course gives you all the information to run ANY size system, all the do’s and dont’s, back-up systems and all the ratios to figure out how many fish, how many plants, what size tanks, etc. And what I found so valuable is he makes you think about every aspect of your business like marketing, the land you choose, your water and power sources, the type of fish and plants you choose, how to heat/cool your green house and even other farms in operation, which were so inspirational! Some of the business desicions may sound obvious but he opens your eyes to a lot of options and variations. This course is not only thoroughly informative but I love that you become part of an EDUCATED community and that share ideas, ask question and continually learn more and more.

    Tony H., Queensland, Australia, 13 June 2017 – This is an excellent course for a beginner right through to someone with a fair bit of Aquaponics experience. It is essential for anyone wanting to run a successful backyard operation and/or a commercial setup. Very comprehensive and easy to follow.  Murray, you truly are the “Godfather of Aquaponics” in Australia.

    Olimpo M., New South Wales, Australia, 12 June 2017 – I want say thank-you to Mr Murray to share his knowledge to me, I enjoyed every section in this course well done Thanks again Olimpo.

    Scott T., Queensland, Australia, 12 June 2017 – I was worried about doing the course, I dropped out of school 35 years ago at the age of 15 had never passed a test have never submitted a project I have extremely basic computer skills. I found the course easy to navigate around and had enough time to watch the videos and then rewatch the videos until everything sunk in.  Thank you Murray.  Regards Scott

    Brent O., Hong Kong, 11 June 2017 – A commercial aquaponics farmer I’d been in contact with recommended Murray Hallam’s online course. Despite high expectations it didn’t disappoint. It was excellent. I look forward to next taking Murray’s masters course.

    Abraham D., Qatar, 11 June 2017 – Thank you very much Murray Hallam’s ADC Team.

    Donald C., New York, USA, 11 June 2017 – I found the course to be worth every penny I payed. The information was organized and in order. The plans and material listings were great, the idea that you must DIY some of this based on country is not lost on any one and helpful information and alternative materials information come free and willing from both instructor and student. I feel that I can in time set up a new secure and healthy way of living.

    Haydn R., Western Australia, 10 June 2017 – I found the course to be very useful in answering some major questions. I would highly recommend to experiment with a small system before starting the course and during the course, so the new information can be applied and understood clearly.

    Joan H., Alberta, Canada, 9 June 2017 – Murray Hallam’s Aquaponic Design Certification Course came into my life at a most opportune time. I was not looking for this opportunity, it found me and I was immediately intrigued. My passion for gardening button was pressed and I enrolled in the course. Aquaponics was one big mystery to me 3 months ago. Murray’s common sense approach and his passion for food purity, food security and food sovereignty make this course an easy “Win, Win” situation for me!  Well done Murray and team!

    Lorraine H., Malaga, Spain, 9 June 2017 – I would like to thank Murray and his team for such an excellent job with the Aquaponics Design Course. You can tell by far that you’ve put into it all your heart and all the hard work reflects. I believe Murray is such an inspiration. He comes across with such motivation, it makes its content so easy to digest. He practically has you day dreaming with so many ideas and possibilities throughout the entire course and at the end leaves you craving for more information. Thank you for the experience and looking forward to soon embark on my own aquaponics adventure! 🙂

    Gregory E., Texas, USA, 9 June 2017 I took the Aquaponics Design Course online with Murray Hallam from April to June 2017.  The class started off nice and slow to introduce the students to the concept of aquaponics. The course gradually built up as we covered lessons about seed acclimatization, the nitrogen cycle, the importance of oxygen, pH, and minerals like iron, potassium, etc. From a knowledge standpoint, the class is very well-rounded and touches every topic you need to successfully pursue a home or commercial system.  Also, the team was very supportive of the students. After the first week of the course, a student that had problems understanding Murray’s English requested that closed-captions be added to the videos. Sure enough, the captions were added to each video within a few days. Not only that, but they also respond to student questions posted on the website after each lesson. Also, Murray often gives most measurements in metric and imperial, which really helps US citizens put dimensions in perspective.  The class was everything it was advertised to be, if not better. I do not consider myself to be a farmer and am currently just a hobbyist of aquaponics, but with the help of Murray and his team, I am writing a business plan to turn this into a career. Thanks for everything Murray and crew!

    Chee, T., Singapore, 8 June 2017 – I would recommend this course to anyone that has an interest in aquaponics. Yes, there is much information out there on the internet but no one has been able to provide tried and tested facts and figures. Going through this course has answered many questions that I had when my trial setups were encountering issues. It has also opened my eyes to the bigger prospects of aquaponics should one decide to go all out. Watching the videos on the success of Murray’s students are truly inspiring!

    Tim R., Norway, 7 June 2017 – Murray Hallam and the Aquaponics Design Course has made it possible for us to actually create a credible business plan in our pursuit of a sustainable future in commercial aquaponics. Without this course it would have been very difficult to go through with this. Murray Hallam is a very dedicated teacher, that keep following up his students, also after the course have ended. Tim Ryder, Hydro Magic Farms – Norway

    David M., Victoria, Australia, 7 June 2017 – I had been looking at starting a commercial scale Aquaponics farm for about two years and seriously for the past eight months, but I just needed that bit of security that I was on the right path, so I enrolled in Murrays online course and I’m so glad I did! because it gave me the extra knowledge I needed and put a lot of aspects of building and running a commercial scale Aquaponics farm into perspective. I’m now eight weeks into my project and thanks to Murray I’m on the right path… Thank You Murray and the team at Practical Aquaponics.

    Steven C., New Zealand, 7 June 2017 – I loved every minute of the course, I learned Soo much I should have done it years ago, Murray’s teaching style put me in a very comfortable place, it was professionally delivered and easy to understand, his enthusiasm made me hungry for more. I hope this will be the beginning of a long friendship.

    Koshi A., Qatar, 7 June 2017 – The course is a certain sea of information in Aquaponics Design.. enjoyed every bit of the course. Every week you look forward for whats next !! Well explained videos, case studies and interviews… Every bit of it was enriching information !!. Thanks Murray.. Your online videos will inspire many to produce their safe secure sovereign food..

    Marcel B., Malawi, 6 June 2017 – Very informative course about aquaponics and Murray’s teaching style is easy to follow and understand.

    Richard J., Mississippi, USA, 6 June 2017 – When I first saw the notice advertised for the course I was not sure it would be what I needed. When I looked at the cost I did not know if I wanted to take the chance. For a moment I considered the reputation that Murry had and thought he would not put out a junk course. Let me tell you I was right. Every thing about this course was first class. I would tell anyone in a flash do not worry just sign up and you won’t be disappointed. From the very first lesson I was excited and looked forward to every lesson and every conference call. Simply…..Just Do It.   Richard Jones  – PS: If you think you can’t do it think again. I will be 70 soon and I am disabled and I am doing it so you can also !

    Kevin M., Queensland, Australia, 6 June 2017 – I would recommend this course to people interested in these fields both the growing of fresh food and the love of fish. Aquaponics is the next new thing in farming and food production, such a great combination.With a great teacher like Murray and the information provided the sky’s the limit.

    LaJuana J., Texas, USA, 6 June 2017 – The Aquaponics Design Course was outstanding, best money I have spent on any educational experience! The quality of the courses was amazing and the in-depth discussion of each subject matter was exceptional. I learned why my existing system is not producing the quality and quantity of produce that I expected, as well as learning the proper plumbing method to achieve the desired results. Whether one is looking to start a small family/friend system or a large commercial business, this course offers something for everyone. Well done, Murray!

    Angel A., Mozambique, 6 June 2017 – A very useful online learning experience to start with your first aquaponics system. Murray’s lessons are very explanatory and pleasant to follow.

    Damien M., Queensland, Australia, 6 June 2017 – I have recently completed the ADC and I must say I was both very impressed and very satisfied with the content. Murray has a very practical approach towards Aquaponics which makes it both easy to understand and apply in practice.  His depth of knowledge, experience and contacts in this industry is all shared during the course.  The ADC is very good value for money and certainly was beneficial. If you are unsure about whether or not you have the time, give it a go. Trust me, it will be like a good book that you can’t put down.  Thanks again Murray for putting together this excellent product.

    Linda L., Oklahoma, USA, 6 June 2017 – This course takes the guess work out of what your results will be if you follow the structure. It uses the most simple methods possible to get the greatest benefit to all who reap the rewards of wonderful nutritious food plus the stability of a business venue.

    Mark L., Jakarta, Indonesia, 5 June 2017 – One of the best courses I have ever done. Murray’s enthusiasm shows through and makes learning a pleasure.

    Houssein J., Kampala, Uganda, 5 June 2017 – A very big thank you Mr. Murray for this great job it is really having a double effect humanity wise and business wise.  Well done and may God provide you with enough power to continue more and more.

    Jona T., New South Wales, Australia, 5 June 2017 – The knowledge I have gained has only been limited by own ability to digest all that is on offer. Prior to the course I thought I could gain the same from youtube videos; thankfully I did not go down that route as there is no comparison between the the two. What I gained from this online edition continues to surprise me. I will now endeavour to build an aquaponics setup worthy of all the knowledge that Mr Hallam has tutored me with.

    Andrei I., Romania, 5 June 2017 – What a ride this was… I think aquaponics should be taught in universities around the globe. I bet students would be present in every class and even bring friends with them as there’s few things that raise such interest in people of all ages. All of us now know the importance of clean food on our table. I am very glad to be part of this revolution. Thank you, Murray Hallam, for being!

    Kim T., Cebu, Philippines, 5 June 2017 – In this 6 week course, all outline were presented in a manner very easy to comprehend. Quite practical and based on true first-hand personal knowledge. Quite detailed because of long term experience yet technical and scientific enough to explain the science behind the system and every little aspect that is of great value to the entire system.  I would definitely recommend this training to friends. In fact, been proudly sharing it to friends and relatives already and other people are already excited to see our very own systems.

    David I., Queensland, Australia, 5 June 2017 – I would highly recommend this course to anyone who has an interest in Aquaponics. Murray’s down to earth approach to teaching makes the entire learning experience so much more enjoyable. The value for money is incredible when you consider the amount of knowledge and skills that you can acquire from Murray and the course. It has given me a new lease on life and the ability to make a real difference to the world that we live in. Thanks heaps from the bottom of my heart.

    Wayne F., United Kingdom, 5 June 2017 – I thoroughly enjoyed the training. Murray is a fountain of knowledge. There is so much valuable information and I would highly suggest the training to anybody who is interested in aquaponics.

    Dylan C., Pennsylvania, USA, 5 June 2017 – Murray Hallam has always seemed, through online sources, to be a reputable aquaponic enthusiast. Through Murray’s Aquaponic Design Course I have had the opportunity to see how much of an authority Murray plays in the world of aquaponics. His knowledge of aquaponics is certainly extensive and the course is presented progressively to help you build a foundation before delving into practical science. The course has not only taught me the dos and do nots in aquaponics but has reinforced positive habits to become a successful aquaponic farmer.

    Ivan B., United Kingdom, 5 June 2017 – I recommend this complete course covering all subjects related to aquaponics.

    Jodi B., Illinois, USA, 5 June 2017 – The Aquaponics Design course offered by Murray Hallum was very informative. I had done a ton of previous research and watched hours of videos on Youtube and other sites but didn’t find the specific knowledge needed to feel confident in building my own system. I found the answers on how to run and maintain a system, deal with the different issues that can and will arise and possibly make a profit from a larger system. Thank You, I hope to be able to take more of the courses you offer in the future.

    Graeme D., Bali, Indonesia, 5 June 2017 – Murray’s weekly webinars were practical and wonderfully informative. Listening to him speak and answer questions he demonstrates a solidity in his knowledge and clearly has a wealth of experience to pass on to students.

    Viran D., Colombo, Sri Lanka, 14 Mar 2017 – A fantastically thought through and laid out course. Could have gone on for another few months

    Ana C., Mexico, 14 Mar 2017 – The course has all the information needed to know everything about you food needs, and how to reach food potentials.

    Thibaut D., New Caledonia, 13 Mar 2017 – The course was perfect to learn a lot about aquaponics. Murray explain very well and is easy to follow. I am very happy to have spend the money and I feel ready to start my own journey in aquaponics.

    Jesus C., Sonora, Mexico, 13 Mar 2017 – Great and practical information! Awesome course and amazing teacher!

    Alexander D., Hong Kong, 13 Mar 2017 – I am greatly pleased to learn aquaphonic farming methods and systems from Murray Hallam. He has such a passion of doing this. Great Stuff…Wish you all the best in Aquaponics…!  Alexander Dawson, Hong Kong

    William C., Singapore, 13 Mar 2017 – In general, the course exceeded my expectations. The course materials and videos were well produced. The information provided was highly practical and useful. Murray is an engaging and personable teacher. I would strongly recommend this course to any persons seriously interested in understanding how to build their own aquaponics system.

    Gary F., West Virginia, USA, 26 Feb 2017 – Murray Hallam’s Practical Aquaponics Design Course met and exceeded my expectations. I have no doubt that I could design and build an aquaponics system, and thanks to the final design project, the effort is already well under way. Murray’s course provided me with a good understanding of the elements of an aquaponics system and how to operate the system once it’s built. I especially appreciate the on-going experimentation (e.g., commercial fish food vs. home grown fish food; commercial power/heat vs. off-grid systems, etc.) that Murray does with his systems and the fact that he shares those insights with his students.

    Joe F., California, USA, 21 Feb 2017 – With respect to all the other professional aquaponic establishments; providing educational course work. You will not find another establishment that comes close to the quality of educational content, the passion for aquaponics, personal feedback, attention to detail, no fluff, no bull, and the absolute integrity provided overall, than Murray Hallam’s Aquaponic Design Course. I have spent thousands of dollars and traveled much, and this online course, is what you have been sitting,waiting and wishing for. Now, I’m am confident to begin my commercial aquaponics venture.. ~ Joe Fish, USA.

    Justin S., Victoria, Australia, 9 Feb 2017 – This course is so much more than just learning, the way that Murray shares, presents and imparts his hard-won first-hand knowledge from going out doing, and experimenting has not only taught me what I need to know, I honestly believe it has given me a good understanding of the systems involved in making aquaponics work. This course has also inspired me and given me the confidence to actually go out and design a couple of small systems and then invest in building them. I had been toying around with this for a while and done much in the way of research and self-education but always thought I was missing something, this course has left me with the confidence to go out and put this methodology into practice.

    Jacob, California, USA, 8 Feb 2017 – There are multipel ways to learn about a new subject. Prior to doing this course I probably read about 15-20 articles and watched multiple videos on YouTube. This helped me to understand that I wanted to really learn more, but in a structured way. Since this is very difficult to manage by yourself, as you dont know what would be the actual structure to the subject. Maybe that was a bit of a complicated way to explain it, but thats how I felt and thats why I decided to do this course. Now 10 weeks after I feel that I understand the ins- and outs- of Aquaponics; I know what I still dont know and where I need to study more. I have the basics in place and I definitely feel ready to start my own Aquaponics project with the knowledge that I have gained from this course.

    Rafael D., Colombia, 8 Feb 2017 – Very complete course covering all aspects of aquaponics.

    Richard B., Quebec, Canada, 7 Feb 2017 – I was a little worried at the beginning of the aquaponics courses, because an online training for this kind of knowledge is not easy to share.  But not at all, the course are not only theoretical, I learned many pragmatical concept applicable immediately and many real experience are shared all long of the weeks. Many thanks for this knowledge.

    Bryan S., New South Wales, Australia, 7 Feb 2017 – I found this course informative and Murray’s teaching style easy to follow. I would recommend it to anybody wanting to learn about aquaponics.

    Johannes K., Tasmania, Australia, 7 Feb 2017 – I found the ADC an awesome introduction to aquaponics, with great practical experience and depth of knowledge passed on in an easy to learn format.

    Daniel M., California, USA, 7 Feb 2017 – Murray Hallam’s Aquaponics Design course equipped me with all the knowledge and information that I need to go out and design, maintain, and benefit from aquaponics systems. I could not be more pleased that one of the modern gurus of aquaponics is spreading his knowledge in an easily digestible, practical format that can fit any schedule and fill any knowledge gaps you might have in regards to aquaponics. I’ve already designed and built my first system, and it’s coming along great. Thanks Murray and crew!

    Judex F., Mauritius, 7 Feb 2017 – My name is Judex and I am from Mauritius, a very small island lost in the Indian ocean where aquaponics is still unknown and the use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers is still well tolerated. This course has helped me a lot giving more confidence in myself, and more knowledge in areas which more until now not clear for me. With the knowledge gained in the Aquaponics Design Course, I am sure I will be able move to the next step and design small and large aquaponics farm for clients. I would recommend that course to anybody willing to have an in-depth knowledge in aquaponics. Many thanks Murray and all your staff from practical aquaponics who have worked very hard to produce this high quality course for all of us.

    Zachary S., Alberta, Canada, 24 Jan 2017 – This course offered an exceptional, technical insight into the processes behind designing and running an aquaponic farm on any level – from personal to family to commercial. Having been studying aquaponics independently for the past 6 years, I was concerned about whether or not I would be able to learn much from what I thought would be an introductory course. Murray offered such wonderful insight, and in such a well-organized manner, that in no time at all I was learning about things which I had never even considered. Whether you’re just curious about aquaponics, interested in starting a farm or business yourself, or already involved in the industry, this course will help you to acquire the knowledge you need to pursue your aquaponic dreams!

    Jan-Hendrik D., Botswana, 18 Jan 2017 – It is difficult to put into words just how valuable this course has been! Murray Hullam has managed to put such a great scope into easy to understand lessons. The knowledge gained will allow me to successfully operate my aquaponics system for years to come as well as take on commercial projects in the future. His practical approach and sound tested methods set him apart from anyone else. Murray Hullum in my eyes the face of aquaponics globally!

    Gwendolyn F., California, USA, 14 Apr 2017 – Murray, I know I wrote before how pleased I was with your classes and style of teaching. I really not only learned, but really enjoyed the videos and interaction in learning about aquaponics. Really looking forward to applying what I learned and going on to build some other really fun and useful systems–and I have been trying to tell everyone I meet about what a great class and wonderful concept this is. Aquaponics–the ultimate water park!

    Gwendolyn F., California, USA, 8 Jan 2017 – Absolutely great course. Really glad I found this. Murray explains things in a very clear manner, such that I wasn’t blown away and I have been able to really visualize what I am doing. Hope I can continue to take further classes regarding improvements and inventions as they get discovered. I think this is the way of the future for food production. It takes us away from the huge unknowns of Things That Come Out of Supermarkets… Makes me want to go out and put in a huge commercial farm next to some city–except in the next few months I am just going to pad out in my stocking feet and munch some fresh pesticide free lettuce and cukes.

    Paul W., Texas, USA, 4 Jan 2017 – This program has changed my families future for the better!

    Paul J., Victoria, Australia, 3 Jan 2017 – I love the course, hanging out to eat some fish and veggies. Would and are recommending this to others as its a great concept and the way of the future for small farming operations. The more we get involved Aquaponics will become bigger and stronger. I’m HOOKED!

    Harold W., Nevada, USA, 3 Jan 2017 – Impressed with informative content and presentation method and detail as well as the global student base!

    Agostino G., New South Wales, Australia, 2 Jan 2017 – I would like to say to Murray and his staff a big THANK YOU. A mamoth task well thought out and executed brilliantly.  Either on a large scale or small , this is a course with a wealth of knowledge. Murray loves to share his years of knowledge and passion in this courses in a way that we all can understand learn and take a way to our own aquaponics . Thank You

    Alexander D., Hong Kong, 1 Jan 2017 – Your vast amount of experience and knowledge in Aquaponics, I would like you to involve in my future projects. This is because I saw you have acquainted in Hong Kong largest Aquaponic farm. I am much pleased. When I see everyday Hong Kong Market food. I feel I could do something for the food quality in Hong Kong. I believe you play an important role in aquaponic community.

    Karel F., Sabah, Malaysia, 26 Dec 2016 – By far the most professional and well- structured course I personally have ever done online. Not just about Aquaponics. Thankyou !!

    Tim W., Queensland, Australia, 22 Dec 2016 – Thanks, Murray for your insight and wisdom on all things aquaponics! What a great course for both the beginner and those looking to expand or even venture into the commercial arena. I have learnt so much and am keen to put those skills to work.  The videos enabled us to see what, how and why different elements of the system were designed, built and maintained. And all of the skills are applicable to small home systems or large commercial operations.  Great stuff!

    Ian K., Vietnam, Canada, Australia, 22 Dec 2016 – I wanted to learn from the best and get certified while doing so. Murray Hallam’s online Aquaponics Design Course gave me a ton of useful information and raised the bar for online aquaponics design courses and online courses in general. Everything from good quality video production to sharing within the learning community to Murray Hallam’s valuable feedback make this course worthwhile. This course gives you every opportunity to learn something new and improve your aquaponics design and understanding of them no matter if you have a home system or a commercial system. In doing this course you are plugged into a large network of aquaponics enthusiast who bring their own knowledge and experience that can elevate your own journey in aquaponics design. If you want to learn to be better at what you do, why not surround yourself with like minded people and learn from arguably the best in the business?

    YinSian W., Singapore, 22 Dec 2016 – This has been one of the best course I have attended. Perhaps it was the content and knowledge I was seeking but it was thorough, well designed and easy to follow. Murray’s personality and the way he delivers the lessons is another winner. The techniques presented works and best of all, it is duplicable. I can now teach my children, my friends and my community.  I would recommend this course to anyone who wishes to learn about aquaponics, or farming, or simply to learn some thing new. Sooner or later, it will bless you, your family and your community. I am convinced that there is no better way to grow food in an urbanised society that most of us now live in. This technology offers the opportunity to use any space that we can use to achieve a degree of food security, food sovereignty and grow good, wholesome food.  Thank you very much Murray, you have been a blessing!

    Mark W., Queensland, Australia, 22 Dec 2016 – I found Murray’s course inspirational and it exceeded my expectations. It motivated me to finally set up a system and sparked my interest in using aquaponics as a possible business venture. The information, plans and designs that are provided as part of the course are extensive and valuable tools for any one wishing to pursue aquaponics as a career or hobby.  Mark Wright

    Joe T., Colorado, USA, 22 Dec 2016 – As a somewhat experienced aquaponics practitioner, I was astounded at the amount of information I learned through this online course. Murray works his magic with his videos, course content, and expert camera work–you feel like you’re the only student in the course. The course topics are practical, meaningful and scientific, without being overwhelming. At the end of the course every student should feel empowered to either design their own system to meet unique needs, or construct a system from the excellent blueprints that Murray provides to his students. Aquaponics success is guaranteed to any student who carefully and thoughtfully attends this online course. –Joe Thomas, Ph.D.

    Des S., Taiwan, 22 Dec 2016 – This course has provided me a lot of information on how to build up an aquaponics system successfully. I joined the course knowing nothing more than “an aquaponics system is a combination of fish and vegetables.” However, at the end of the course session, I was already enjoying my own greens!!! Thank you, Murray, for offering such an wonderful and educational course!

    Kellie W., Queensland, Australia, 22 Dec 2016 – Aquaponics online course was very insightful and covered a broad range of very important subjects.

    Valsan J., India, 22 Dec 2016 – The bits and pieces of knowledge I had before is now organised by this course made me confident of constructing an Indy 11.5 system.

    Mike M., British Columbia, Canada, 21 Dec 2016 – Murray Hallam knows his stuff. He presents the workings of the fairly complex aquaponics system in a clear and logical step by step method that is informative and enjoyable to learn. He is available to answer questions and is truly interested in ensuring his students get what they need to be a success in whatever capacity they want to be involved with aquaponics. Thank you, Murray. – Mike from Canada

    Radim S., Czech Republic, 21 Dec 2016 – To attend the course was definitively good decision. It changed my point of view on many principles of aquaponic.

    Michael L., Sabah, Malaysia, 21 Dec 2016 – I would like to say this to everyone who has a keen interest in growing their own food & who wants to eat chemical & pesticides free foods & be self sufficiency on food to go for this great Aquaponics Design Course. It teaches you step by step to set up your own system & how to run it properly in details. I can guarantee that it would benefit you greatly if you have a keen interest in Aquaponics to take up this very comprehensive course. A big thank you to you, Murray for this great Aquaponics Design Course.

    Jeremy H., New South Wales, Australia, 21 Dec 2016 – I have loved this course, the videos and the plans. I have learned everything I need to build and maintain any size system. It was great to be part of a large group of like minded students who I could communicate with and gain further insights from them.

    Tasman K., Western Australia, 21 Dec 2016 – Murray has put together a great course providing lots of information gained from his own experiences and those of others. I would recommend this online course as a great starting point for anyone interested in pursuing aquaponics either for personal interest or as a potential future career.

    Michael B., Tennessee, USA, 21 Dec 2016 – The Aquaponics Design Course by Murray Hallam will prepare any learner for a lifetime journey of discovery in symbiotic relationships. The course is structured to provide the essential building blocks for learning a scalable design process for building and operating your own unique aquaponics system. – Michael Bocskovits, Twisted Swale Farm – Knoxville, Tennessee, USA.

    Michael R., Queensland, Australia, 21 Dec 2016 – If you cannot make it to one of Murray Hallam’s ‘MasterClass’ courses well so be it.  But thank goodness here is an online course that provides you with an invaluable option to get involved with Aquaponics, the material, backup and support provided by Murray is superb.  Michael Rowe

    Hans D., Queensland, Australia, 21 Dec 2016 – I am extremely happy with this course, would recommend it to anyone wanting to learn how to feed themselves with clean and wholesome food. Become more independent of supermarkets.  Unfortunately, present circumstances prevent me from actually building a system, I know that when the time comes I’ll be able to using all the downloads.  Once again, I am very happy with the course and recommend it wholeheartedly.  Regards, Hans Durich

    Louis C. Mauritius, 21 Dec 2016 – When I made my decision to attend this aquaponics online course, I realised from day to day I was making a good choice that would change my life for a good reason. Fishing and gardening was my childhood hobby. Fish and plants help each other in a natural aquaponics system without using any chemicals and pesticides products. Today I’m so much more confident in my ability to share and talk about this amazing idea to all friends. It’s a new way to revolutionise and promote good quality of food on planet earth, transforming the way of doing business. I just want to say thank you Murray, you brought me from a mighty long way to aquaponics adventure. I love this online course and I can highly recommend it. The course is easy and very intuitive.

    James M., Iowa, USA, 21 Dec 2016 – Do not let the price tag of this course intimidate you, it is worth every penny and more due to the quality and quantity of information and experience that is provided through the instruction. I have taken numerous online courses from a myriad of college, business and government sources, but none of them have matched up to the quality of this course.

    Dusan D., Slovakia, 21 Dec 2016 – I am very happy for that I done the course because I learned more than I thought. It was worth for me. Without the course I will have small problems which will cost me more time (money).  I’m very glad to be part of your Aquaponics family. I believe you are the best on the world. You trying to help people to have better life nowadays…  Thank you very much for such as great job.  Best regards Dusan

    Paul M., Queensland, Australia, 21 Dec 2016 – I have been waiting for a long time for this course and it was worth the wait.  Whether you are like me and looking to just have a home system to provide food for your family or looking to create commercial farms this is the course to do.  Murray is a wonderful instructor and his passion for Aquaponics continues to shine through in his words.  I am so happy to complete the course but a will next excitement of the next module.  Thanks, Murray and Good luck everyone on your Aquaponics adventures.  Paul Mitchell

    Ferenc O., Queensland, Australia, 21 Dec 2016 – Great course.  I have learned so much valuable information.  The best thing I have ever done joining this course.

    Ronen M., Hawaii, USA, 21 Dec 2016 – Great class!!  Recommend for anyone wanting to learn about aquaponics.  Great for your basic home build system,and great for the commercial system.  I highly recommend this class, Murray is a wealth of knowledge!

    Mathew P., Australian Capital Territory, Australia, 21 Dec 2016 – Every video and every element of this course opened my eyes to the Aquaponics system. I was excited before about getting serious about aquaponics but now I can’t wait to build my systems at home and commercially. Fantastic course.

    Riaan V., South Africa, 21 Dec 2016 – Great course to do. Lot of new things to learn.

    Paul S., Texas, USA, 21 Dec 2016 – As I beginner to aquaponics, I feel comfortable that I could easily go out and start building a home level system and grow into building larger systems in time. The Course gives you all the building blocks to keep you on the right path on building a successful aquaponics system without the trial and error that would come from just exploring the internet. Getting the correct information all in one place and seeing Murray’s years of experience brings it all together for me.

    Adam R., Sri Lanka, 21 Dec 2016 – I first heard about Aquaponics a few years ago, and while I was intrigued, I never did anything about it. It was Murray’s pre-course series of videos that really sparked my interest, and I was very glad to sign up for the online course.  I found the videos very professionally made, and the course seemed to cover all the aspects of Aquaponics that one could possibly wish for. The ability to ask further questions and get Murray’s answers made sure that everything was covered.  In terms of value, it is definitely money well spent. You are not just getting some videos, but you are getting Murray’s years of experience in knowing what works and what doesn’t work. You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars and years of your time to learn through trial and error, and are basically buying the secrets to success in Aquaponics.  Best of all, I am leaving the course with full confidence that when I build my first Aquaponics system by following Murray’s guidelines set down in the course, it will be a complete success, instead of hoping that it works and nothing goes wrong.

    Linda G., The Netherlands, 21 Dec 2016 – The Aquaponics Design Course is a very complete course for both beginners as for advanced aquaponic enthusiasts. Murray has a fun way of teaching and is very quick in answering every question you ask during the course. Beware: once you start this course you will become an aquaponic addict!

    Thomas E., Queensland, Australia, 20 Dec 2016 – Our family has been inspired to grow our own food, due to better taste and health benefits. This course was very helpful in furthering our plans to build a small commercial setup.

    Theodoros M., Brazil, 19 Dec 2016 – I was surprised with the high quality of the material provided and Murray´s participation.  Using Murray’s word – Fantastic Program and material !

    Kushala P., Victoria, Australia, 19 Dec 2016 – The Aquaponics design course has inspired me to move further into the world of aquaponics. The course was well structured and presented materials in a logical and sequential way that built a comprehensive knowledge base in domestic and commercial aquaponics design and operation. I feel well equipped now to take the next steps and begin my journey towards becoming an aquaponics designer and furthering the aquaponics movement in general. Thanks Murray for a really great course.

    Mitch M., Missouri, USA, 19 Dec 2016 – Murray Hallam is a man defiantly that is motivated by passion and not profits. His course is to the point and very professional. He takes no issue with students that bring up alternative ways of making a system and actually promotes the sharing of information within the WORLD WIDE student body. I wish I had been aware of him when I was in QLD after typhoon Larry…

    Richard B., Missouri, USA, 19 Dec 2016 – I purchased the three DVD set thinking that is all I would need. Time proved that for me, it was a great start. It would be enough to get my first system up and running, but I wanted to go further and had questions I wanted answered. This class took me to where I wanted to go and answered my questions along the way. It was obvious from the start Murray was genuinely interested in all of his students learning the material correctly and would take whatever time it took to ensure each participant understood the material. The weekly downloads was of sufficient detail and size as to make a good class book by the end of the class.

    Kevin R., Victoria, Australia, 19 Dec 2016 – I have no hesitation in highly recommending this course to anyone who wishes to understand aquaponics, be it for home use or commercial.  The learning is detailed, with sufficient explanation and examples to be clearly understood and can be conducted in your own home at your leisure and reviewed as many times as you deem necessary to absorb the learnings.  This course is of high value and the content first class and if like myself, you have had difficulty in attending a normal training session, then this is definitely the way to go.

    Allan P., Queensland, Australia, 19 Dec 2016 – This course has given me the necessary tools to build and manage an aquaponics system. With practical experience gained from my own build, I feel confident that in time I will be able to go onto creating or designing systems to suit all customer needs. I would strongly recommend this course to anyone who has a love for growing their own healthy produce and who likes to work with nature.

    Nelson B., Brazil, 19 Dec 2016 – The course was wonderful. The lessons presented have a high level of knowledge. I loved the course !!! I can not wait to get my system up and running. Thank you so much for sharing all this.

    Peter P., Queensland, Australia, 19 Dec 2016 – The on-line Aquaponics design course was an ideal introduction to the Aquaponics process and system design.

    David R., New South Wales, Australia, 19 Dec 2016 – Murrays aquaponics design course is fantastic. It caters for everyone, from beginners right through to experienced farmers, from small home systems up to massive farms. Anyone serious about aquaponics needs to do this course.
    The online self-paced course with a weekly conference call to tie it all together is a great way to learn.  Each week builds on the last & by the end, you will have a really clear idea on what to do – & more importantly what NOT to do!  I highly recommend it.

    Yoel V., Curaçao, 19 Dec 2016 – if you want to save yourself a lot of time figuring out your future aquaponics set up, you should definitely think about this course. it’s easy to follow, well explained and based on real life no-nonsense systems.

    Mark F., Florida, USA, 19 Dec 2016 – I thoroughly enjoyed the course, it included a great deal of practical insight that could only be provided by someone that has the experience. The learning experience was further enhanced by the ability to interact with students of various knowledge levels. All in all, I would do it again…in fact I will. Thanks Murray for exceeding my expectations.

    Julien B., The Luxi, Saudi Arabia, 19 Dec 2016 – After reading everything I could find about Aquaponics and watching every video over and over again, I joined this course with the hope that it would clarify the grey areas in my understanding of the art of Aquaponics. I am very satisfied with the course. I feel much more confident now to engage in a project than I was before. The course gives the tools a business planner will look for to design the system to meet his goals, and it gives the tools that a skilled DIY adventurer needs to get his hands dirty and make it happen.

    Mareena L., California, USA, 19 Dec 2016 – I have researched a number of aquaponics websites and online offerings and found Murray’s to be the most complete and well-organized for a practical small DIY system development. In addition, Murray’s a lot of fun to listen to!  I highly recommend the course.  Cheers!

    Anne T., Thailand, 18 Dec 2016 – Prior aquaponics learning got me nowhere, and left me disempowered – I don’t trust myself with plumbing and pumps especially in a location where I am a foreigner and having to do things on my own. And it isn’t easy to find all the right components and ingredients out in remote rural Thailand…  My work schedule during Murray’s course did not allow me to start building a system then, but I kept up with the modules and got answers in the conference calls, and found the course extremely informative and empowering. Murray is very generous with his knowledge and experience, he really wants the students to succeed and goes the extra mile for them. He is also humble about what he hasn’t yet experimented and invites students’ input, as he builds a whole community of practice.  This time around, I really feel ready to overcome my apprehension, and I credit my empowerment to Murray’s honest and convincing way of imparting his vast know-how.

    Reuben L., New Zealand, 18 Dec 2016 – This is a very comprehensive course, understandable enough to help amateurs of any age step it up and grasp the more specific and scientific areas of aquaponics.

    Errol & Allison G., Western Australia, 18 Dec 2016 – We have found this course excellent for a number of reasons, our location, cost, time constraints and information presented in the course and some further research online has been enough for us to start building our Aquaponics system and hopefully new small business venture. At the time of writing this, we have had earthworks done to level 3 areas for greenhouses to be built of which I have purchased second hand. Plenty of information in the videos along with some good questions and answers from fellow participants and a good PDF to follow while watching videos to take notes down. Remembering also doing your own research will lead you to achieve your dream. Well done Murray you are the guru of AP in OZ.

    Simon T., Victoria, Australia, 18 Dec 2016 – 
    Highly recommended. Murray Hallam’s aquaponics design course is a fantastic resource for anyone who is wanting to be an aquaponics gardener or commercial farmer.

    Adam C., Queensland, Australia, 18 Dec 2016 – If you are thinking of starting an aquaponics system, either a small domestic system for your own health & wellbeing, or for a commercial enterprise, this course is a must. From construction techniques, chemical processes, biology, & marketing through to which greenhouse is right for you and why, this course provides a comprehensive set of instructions formulated through years of practical experience and experimentation. Murray tells you the good, the bad and the ugly of aquaponics as he sees it, (and many times as experienced or suffered), over his many years of designing, building and running aquaponic systems. The interviews with entrepreneurs from all over the world shows different ways of building and design and allows us to see that our opportunities are only limited by our imagination. An extremely well-presented course and invaluable information that could determine whether your future business is a success or failure.

    Elvin S., Oregon, USA, 18 Dec 2016 – Hi my name is Elvin Spurling. I live and work in Prineville Oregon USA. Prineville is located in the centre of Oregon in the middle of the high desert country and experiences extremes in weather.
    I am the founder of Western Design International, an award-winning professional building design and consulting firm operating since 1990.
    Although I am an expert in building design, structural design and building codes I have never been able to grow much more than weeds in my home garden (extreme weather, deer and rabbit problems and a certified BROWN thumb) There had to be a better way to get REAL organic fresh food for me and my family, so I did what so many others do, I asked Google. After much research (the architectural & engineer in me requires that I do huge amounts of research) I decided to try this aquaponics thing. Back to Google and YouTube….
    My family said I was obsessed with “aquaponics”, spending hours upon hours searching, watching and creating a notebook full of important operation notes, sketches and research links. Six months later I decided to build a small experimental system. I had one unexpected issue after another, but I kept working out the bugs. Eventually, I got my big WOW experience; aquaponics really works! Maybe I will finally shed this brown thumb; then more issues. Dang, what am I doing wrong? More research and more confusion, then Murray Hallam started posting videos about his upcoming course into aquaponics. I had some apprehension about paying for what I THOUGHT I could get for free on YouTube. Time to find out more about this Murray Hallam person. Everything I read and the people I was able to talk to had nothing but good to say about Murray. This guy seemed to be the real deal and undisputed aquaponics expert with many years of practical experience. I decided to give his course a try. With his money back guarantee, what did I have to lose?
    Another WOW moment. As the classes started, I realized that I had learned more (tried and true) information in a short time frame than I ever could have learned on YouTube. As each week passed, I gained more confidence in my own ability to make this work. I corrected issues in my experimental system and things started turning around right away. I am so excited about all the possibilities that Murray’s course has opened up for me and my family. We are now planning on a large “Twindy” system (a proven size and type of system discussed in the course) for our family and the following year a full commercial system. Without this course, I would have never attempted either of these systems. Heck, before Murray took me under his wing as a student, I would have never considered trading my drawing table for a seed tray but now it is very tempting. Maybe I will just do both, help others design their own system while running my own farm.
    Murray Hallam’s methods are easy, they work and anyone can do it.
    I can not recommend Murray Hallam and his Aquaponics Design Course enough. He helped me grow a Green Thumb and he can help you to; it’s guaranteed.
    I hope to connect with you inside Murray Hallam’s very elite group of students and graduates of “Aquaponics Design Course”
    All the best,
    Elvin Spurling
    Professional Building Designer
    Western Design International
    “Good design doesn’t cost, it pays!”