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    Aquaponics Master Class

    Four-Day Aquaponics Future Farm Master Class

    Murray and his team will help you make your commercial Aquaponics dream a reality. This course will equip you with a working understanding of operating systems and farm design.  You will learn how to budget and financially plan your future Aquaponics farm, and will have a clear step-by-step marketing plan for your farm produce.
    Just what makes Aquaponics work so well will be clearly explained. No more hunting around looking at dozens of You Tube clips, trawling through forums, reading endless blogs to try to glean the information necessary to plan and make your Aquaponic farm a reality. The information is right here in this 4-Day Future Farms Master Class. So much poor quality information is out there and how are you supposed to be able to tell which is good and which is just plain made up spin?

    We have worked continuously developing and proving Aquaponics systems both home scale and commercial scale since early 2006. When we started out there was very little information available about Aquaponics but being experimenters by nature we learned the hard way. We know with confidence what works and what doesn’t.

    Our company name “Practical Aquaponics” reflects our method of operation. If we have not proved it in practical terms then we do not teach or recommend it. Practical Aquaponics has manufactured and delivered hundreds of home Aquaponics systems. Our Future Farm designs are without equal. Our full-length DVDs have been viewed all over the world.

    Murray says: I have been fortunate to have travelled widely around the world in the last 10 years, visiting and consulting on Aquaponics farms. This has allowed me to glean a massive amount of excellent, actual experiential knowledge that I will pass on to you. I started sharing my knowledge and experience by hosting Aquaponics courses in 2009 and since then have trained over 1200 students from over 48 countries around the world. See “About Us” for further info.

    Our training course is the best way of getting that reliable in depth information you need to plan your Future farm or improve the performance of your existing Aquaponics project. You will be able to build an effective, efficient ecosystem farm that will repay your training investment over and over again.

    Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity to make the break into a more sustainable lifestyle business.

    Four Day AQUAPONICS MASTER CLASS.  Face-to-Face classroom and greenhouse training.

    Course Outline

    Day 1

    Aquaponics Course Descriptor; Introductions; Greenhouse inspection and overview
    Planning the Farm – Finance, Materials, Infrastructure.
    How aquaponics works – Nitrogen Cycle, pH, Oxygen; Disease & Nutrients
    Filtration – Types & Choices
    Managing Plants & Fish
    Marketing – Pricing, Value Adding, Branding
    Legal Aspects – Introduction

    Day 2

    Farm style –  FloMedia, DWC, NFT, MBB
    Design, Construction & Building – choices & methods
    Grow-Bed Components; Fish Tank Components
    Greenhouse Considerations
    Covered Growing
    Grow Media Choices
    Wicking Beds
    Pest & Disease Management in Plants & Fish
    Microbiology & Water Chemistry
    Q & A session

    Day 3

    Nutrient Availability
    Plumbing, Pumps, Solar, Backup, Legals Aspects (2)
    Marketing (2) – Internet, Other Marketing, Farm-Gate Sales

    Day 4

    Construction & Building (2)
    Greenhouse Technology – Heating & Cooling
    FloMedia Technology – Additions & Variations

    Q&A session.

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    International students please note – our online booking system should not charge you the Australia-only Goods & Services Tax of 10%.  If it does so, please accept our apologies and be assured that we will refund this over-charge.

    Bob K. wrote
    Thanks Murray, I attended your seminar in Texas. I gained a lot of information! It was a great time met a lot of nice good people. I built a DWC since then (only two days) using an IBC, I ordered some rafts from Green Life farm. Great Place love the new tech they have, very excited to move forward on the train of opportunity. I understand a lot of stuff that I didn’t before and suggest your seminar for anybody interested in Aquaponics, a great investment!”

    Arthur L. wrote
    Hi Murray, Just a short note to thank you for the excellent overview you provided yesterday.
    I was very impressed with all that I saw, your extensive knowledge & expertise and your relaxed but captive presentation style!
    Also, please convey my sincere thanks to Gail for the quiet but very efficient manner in which supports you: registration, catering, photographs etc.I was most interested in the fish and wouldn’t mind learning more about how I could use that part of your system to help achieve my goal of becoming food independent.

    Ghansham J. wrote
    Dear Murray, Thank you for the interesting and amazing workshop you held on Aquaponics in cooperation with Proto Village. Sharing thoughts and ideas about this innovative and useful technology inspired me to learn more about the system and to teach it one day in rural areas around India in local language.