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    Our range of premium home Aquaponics kits have been in service for 12 plus years. Practical Aquaponics Kits are the Gold Standard in Aquaponic kits for Home, Educational, Community and Commercial pinstillations. Proven and tested, there are hundreds of our kits in operation in every state of Australia and we have exported our kits to the USA, Hong Kong, New Zealand and Nassau.DIY (Do It Yourself) Aquaponics is the largest participation sector in home style systems. The wonderful thing about Aquaponics is that almost anyone can participate and get to grow some clean, healthy vegetables and fish.

    Very small desk and bench top type systems, back garden systems are most often built by the householder themselves as a DIY project. Commercially available kits are a good option for those who do not have the time or skills to build their own. Generally, commercially available home systems are more ascetically pleasing and this can be a very persuasive argument in favour of professionally made home systems. We have been designing, installing and commissioning Aquaponics systems for just over seven years. Examples of our premium home kit systems can be found in every state of Australia and our DIY kit designs have been constructed in many countries of the world.


    The most up to date and comprehensive Aquaponics resource available today is found right here.Murray Hallam’s 3 DVD’s combined have over 290 minutes of high-quality information.Practical Aquaponics Blog has regular up-to-date postings and a vibrant membership section for that special attention you may require.Practical Aquaponics Forum has11,500 members from around the world with over 68,000 posts Practical Aquaponics Seminars and Workshops provide face-to-face contact and direct quality information from Murray and other leading trainers.See Practical Aquaponics Facebook Page for instant information and updates. See our Aquaponics Design Course FaceBook page. This page gives up-to-date information about our world leading Aquaponics on-line training.