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    Our DVD titles –

    Aquaponics Made Easy,  Aquaponics Secrets, DIY Aquaponics

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    We have so many happy users of the DVDs it is impossible to print all of their emails and notes of appreciation.
    Below are some comments posted on my Facebook page.

    Evelin Röshel:
    I have all three and they are worth every cent/penny and also worth watching over and over again!!! Having attended the 4-day farm course in February’13 was great as well – there is still appetite for more DVDs, showing your latest results of your research, Murray. Love your work. Keep it up and God bless you.

    Michael Palmer:
    I have all 3 and they are awesome! Worth every cent.

    Germaine Staley:
    We have all three and promote them amongst our friends as well as reference them often!

    Donald Steckey:
    I have them all and I absolutely love them.

    Sean Thomas:
    They are all very informative and practical, really glad I had them when I built my system but I also did the day course as well which was a great help with the initial understanding of how it all works. I highly recommend the day course!

    Jonathan McCarthy:
    Love them and the 4 day course.

    Rachael Wilson:
    I have the DIY and the Aquaponics Secrets and think both are great. Now I have been doing it longer I find the secrets most useful but the DIY was indispensable when I first started.

    Dennis Cuttriss:
    Awesome DVDs. If you have an interest in Aquaponics, watch these first.

    Scott Ramsay:
    Awesome DVDs give a great ground knowledge to anyone who’s wanting to start Aquaponics and has some system examples and very useful info. Have them all.

    Thanutnun Leeamnuaychoke:
    I got all three. They are great. But I need more..

    Stephen Carhart:
    Very Happy that I saw them before I built my system! Good stuff!