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    Bathtub DIY Kit

    Here is a low cost way to start into your own DIY Aquaponics Kit.

    Put together your first Aquaponics Kit made from two standard re cycled bath tubs. These can usually be sourced from your local tip for a small fee.

    A bath tub Aquaponics system works very well and is very simple to operate. It will give you good results if properly managed and you can get started for little outlay. It is possible to expand your bath tub kit later if you wish.

    You can raise 10 Silver perch or similar in the bottom tub that acts as the fish tank, and a steady supply of lettuce, tomatoes and the like in the top bath tub that becomes the grow bed.

    You will need the following. Provided by you.

    • Two bath tubs
    • Six besser bricks (concrete blocks)
    • A quantity of recycled timber or plywood to make a cover for the fish tank.
    • Sikaflex in caulking gun
    • Spirit Level
    • Shovel
    • Maddock or Crowbar if your ground is hard
    • Growing Medium ( Canna clay pebbles or Gravel )
    • Seedlings
    • Water
    • Fish
    • Wedges
    • House brick

    You can purchase from us a parts kit that will make the job a lot easier to build your own low cost bathtub kit.

    Provided by us in our Bath Tub Accessory Kit. Go here to get the parts kit.

    1. One plug and waste fitting (with plug and strainer).
    2. One Auto siphon kit
    3. One Water pump and hose kit
    4. Fittings – connectors, clamps, pipe and various fittings as needed.