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    Aquaponics Courses

    AQUAPONICS DESIGN COURSE – onlineregistration for the next class opens 1 JULY 2018. Study anywhere in the world, as long as you have an internet connection. Visit the A.D.C. website or FaceBook page for more information.
    Here is a course outline. GO TO this page to see all the details about the Aquaponics Design Course.

    Brisbane, Australia – Four-Day Aquaponics Master Class 28-31 May 2018. Held at Murray’s Queensland property.  Course content.

    Brisbane, Australia – Four-Day Aquaponics Master Class 27-30 August 2018. Held at Murray’s Queensland property.  Course content.

    New South Wales, Australia – Four-Day Aquaponics Master Class 12-15 November 2018.  This class will be hosted by the Permaculture Sydney Institute and held at the Bandusia Country Retreat, Upper MacDonnald, NSW.  Please contact them directly for booking information.  http://www.permaculturesydneyinstitute.org/

    Classes often fill up quickly, so book early.

    This training follows on from our many successful training events in San Jose California, Pescadero California, Oceanside California, Denver Colorado, Saint Helens Oregon, Orlando Florida, Houston Texas, San Juan Puerto Rico USA, Brisbane, Perth, Melbourne, Adelaide, Alice Springs in Australia. Also in Pecs Hungary, Melides Portugal, Morocco, Cape Town South Africa, Bangalore India, and Taiwan.



    4-MasterClass & online Aquaponics Design Course

    Similarities – each course:

    Goes from the basics of aquaponics up to more-advanced level knowledge.

    Does not require any previous aquaponics knowledge.

    Teaches you how to design, set-up and successfully run a system.

    Includes instruction on the business side of aquaponics, for those interested in going commercial.

    Focuses on giving students the knowledge they need to get started and continue successfully in aquaponics, whether they want just a small, home system or big commercial farm.


    4-Day MasterClass ADC
    In-person, classroom teaching Completely online, instruction via videos & PDF
    Intensive four days Spread out over 8 weeks
    Have to attend when classes are on Can do the work in your own time
    All day, face-to-face contact with Murray Email & weekly webinar contact with Murray
    On-the-spot contact with other students – excellent networking opportunity Only online contact with fellow students
    Hands-on learning in the greenhouse and workshop No hands-on instruction
    Less investigation into certain topics, due to time limits More in-depth study of some topics
    Participation certificate given Certification given to students who submit a design for assessment, and pass