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Aquaponics Courses Seminars and Workshops.


Below are outlines of the content for each style of seminar.


Discover Aquaponics: One Day Course / Seminar


At the Discover Aquaponics Seminar, attendants learn the essentials of Aquaponics such as designing a system best suited to them, learning to grow plants, fish care and plumbing.


Course Outline:


Aquaponics description/history

Aquaponics From My Perspective

Methodology - Various Operating Systems

Worms In AP

Advantages - Fish & Plants

System Design

What you can grow (Plants/Fish)

Is Aquaponics “Organic”?

Cycling a new system

The Nitrogen Cycle

Cycling with and without fish

Recycling nutrients

Nutrient Quality

pH and Aquaponics water chemistry

Water Testing,

Fish Handling,



Seed Raising

Taste Test.

Feedback & Questions.

Useful websites.


































Aquaponics Master Class:

Four Day Course.


Murray will help you make your commercial Aquaponics dream a reality.

Course Outline:


Day 1

Aquaponics Course Descriptor:

Introductions, Greenhouse inspection and overview

Planning the Farm, Finance, Materials, Infrastructure.

How does it work? Nitrogen cycle, pH, O2, Disease & Nutrients.

Filtration. Types, choices

Crop choice, Plants and fish. How to

Marketing my product/business, variation to pricing and value adding, branding

Introduction to local/state legals


Day 2

Farm style. FloMedia, DWC, NFT, MBB

Design, Construct, Erect. Construction methods/choices
Hydroponic components.  Aquaculture components

Greenhouse considerations. Covered growing

Choices in Grow Media
Wicking beds.

Insect control, disease control in plants / fish

Microbiology & water chemistry

Q & A session


Day 3

Educational Tour

Nutrient availability

Plumbing, Pumps, Solar, Backup, Legals (2)

Marketing (2) Internet, Sundry marketing, Farm gate sales +


Day 4

Construct, assemble and erect. (2)

Greenhouse technology, heating, cooling

FloMedia technology and its additions and variations

Bio security

Final Q&A session


PLEASE NOTE: This is a summary of course content.
Hand out notes and other material will be made available during the course.

We reserve the right to change, add to or alter any aspect of the training without notice.

A comprehensive manual is provided for each student.
A Dropbox folder access is provided to a comprehensive list of  PDF files for later use, and two very detailed business planning spreadsheets.











































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The student is responsible for maintaining their acquired knowledge and skills, and apply the acquired knowledge and skills in a way which is appropriate to their particular situation.

The student agrees unequivocally that Practical Aquaponics is hereby released from any liability, action and claims of whatsoever nature in connection with, or arising from, information, instruction or advice, obtained from Practical Aquaponics training course that may or may not have been applied to the students' particular situation or project.

Courses, material and information is for the express use of the attending student.  Course notes and materials are not to be sold, lent, copied, publishes in any way either electronically, printed, hand written, audibly or by any other delivery or publishing method, or used in any way beyond the personal use of the individual student who has attended the Practical Aquaponics training course, unless permission is sought and granted in writing by Practical Aquaponics.

Payment of fees, dues by way of monetary means or by any other means so as to constitute consideration to attend the training will constitute full agreement of these terms and conditions and disclaimer.



Discover Aquaponics for your backyard. Sometimes called backyard aquaponics.

The basics of Aquaponics can be quite simple, and if practiced following a few simple principles excellent growing conditions for both fish and plants are achieved.

You can grow excellent clean, nutrient dense produce and fish at home.

Next one day session.......... 22 May 2017.


Aquaponics Based on Practical Experience.

We teach Aquaponics because we really believe that it is a wonderful way for families and individuals to provide "better than organic" food for themselves.
There are also amazing commercial opportunities for this wonderful technology.


We actually do Aquaponics every single day.  We live and breathe Aquaponics.


Learn from the very best.
Murray hallam aquaponics.

Aquaponics MASTER Class – Future Farms . Future Food Systems –


June 19, - June 22, 2017
Brisbane Australia.
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Murray Hallam.

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Suggested lodgings / accommodation for students attending Practical Aquaponics Courses.


Next Brisbane Aquaponics Master Class will be held on

June 19 - 22, 2017 

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Suggested lodgings / accommodation for students attending Practical Aquaponics Courses.  Brisbane courses only.



If you are interested in camping on site for the 4 days please email me.

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