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Patio Duo Aquaponics Kit - The kit for the small surburban yard.

This is the Patio DUO Aquaponics kit.

The Patio DUO is the very best performing kit available today. 

Above :-
The very attractive and functional Kiddie Covers on the fish tank and fingerling nursery tank.


Above:-  Long view of the Patio DUO kit.  Plantings are just 4 weeks old from seedlings.
Plantings include tomatoes, climbing beans, cucumbers, lettuce, various asian greens.

1..It is Solar ready.   The Patio DUO Aquaponics kit has the lowest power consumption yet available, making it possible to run on a minimum stand alone Solar power system kit.  It is an ideal system for someone who has installed Solar Power to their home and wants an Aquaponics system that has the very minimum power consumption.
2..It is a single pump system.    The Patio Duo kit incorporates CHOP technology water management system.  (CHOP =Constant Height One Pump)
The water level in the fish tank always remains constant, thereby giving the fish a more secure environment. This system design greatly simplifies the operation of the kit, thereby building in much more reliability.   The need for Timers and Float Switches has been eliminated from the Patio DUO Aquaponics kit.

This Patio DUO kit is for serious home food production and is able to be expanded if desired.
This Patio DUO kit comes with 2 x 400 litre grow beds, but is capable of being expanded to run up to 6 x 400 ltr grow beds at maximum fish stocking levels.

This Patio DUO kit can fit on an area 5 M x 2.0 M.  This allows for comfortable working space around the grow beds and fish tank.
The Patio DUO kit if expanded to have 4 x grow beds would need 7.6 M x 2.0 M . This assumed configuration of a fish tank and 2 x grow beds expanding out each side of the fish tank in a straight line will work very well. The beds could easily be arranged in a more square configuration if so desired.

This Patio DUO Aquaponics kit will give best results if it is housed in a rain-proof greenhouse with a solid roof over the fish tank area to prevent the direct sunlight contacting the water.
Best vegetable growth is achieved when the grow beds have "Full Sunlight" under the protection of clear greenhouse plastic film.

The tanks and grow beds in this kit are manufactured by us here in SE Queensland from marine grade fibre glass.  Marine grade fibre glass has a life span of 30 plus years. 
Marine grade fibre glass is inert once cured and is safe and very strong.   When properly installed on a good base is able to support the weight of the gravel and water in the grow beds.
The Fingerling tank is self supporting sitting atop the 1250 litre tank. 
The 1250 litre tank being manufactured from marine grade fibre glass is well able to support the 200 kg weight of the fingerling/header tank.
The fish tank and collection sump and fingerling tank comes with a "Child-safe" Kiddie Cover durable, beautiful exterior hardwood timbers..
You will be investing in a kit that is proven, manufactured from quality components, and with proper care,
will keep producing organic vegetables and protein for decades to come.

What is included in the kit.

Component List Qty
1250 Litre Fish Tank - fibre glass construction - includes "Child-safe" Kiddie Cover in durable, beautiful exterior hardwood timbers. 1
400 Litre Grow Beds - fibre glass construction 2
400 Litre collection sump - fibre glass construction with Kiddie Cover as above. 1
200 Litre Header Nursery Tank - fibre glass with Kiddie Cover as above. 1
Snap on - snap off pipe fittings together with non-kink marine grade pipe. 1
Auto Siphon kits for each grow bed. 1
12 volt emergency back up kit - Fail switch,  pump, and charger. 1
25mm pvc high pressure pipe kit with joiners, bends and adhesive. 1
40mm pvc pipe kit with joiners , bends and adhesive. 1
Starter nutrient kit. 1
Fish feed pellets kit. 1
Aerator power-head kit. 3
Aerator 240 volt with outlets, hose and air stones. 1
Pump.  Low watt power consumption.
Freshwater Test Kit. 1
Assembly Instructions. 1

This kit is tested and is running at our premises producing beautiful organic fish
and vegetables. 
You will be investing in a kit that is proven, and with proper care,
will keep producing for decades to come.

Can be shipped anywhere on the East Coast by road.


murray.jpg   Murray Hallam
Call Me on 07 3200 0272 if you need further info on this Patio DUO Aquaponics Kit.

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