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Feb 9, 2010
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Aug 20, 2017 at 8:40 AM
    1. InspiredAction
      Hello bigDaddy was wondering i can ask you a few questions. 3 months ago i start my IBC Aquaponic set up. Haven't had the best of luck it has gone to shit!. Hopefully i can get to chat with you
    2. Trident
      All Black/Collingwood supporter.
      1. bigdaddy
        Hi Trident, I'm a Port Adelaide Magpies man Unfortunately ATM the future doesn't look good for them...IMO The Power and SANFL have screwed them over...Again...But that's a long story.
        Jan 19, 2014
    3. Walks-In-Storms
      It's absolutely humiliating, especially in the fact that I'm one of the "Americans" who it would appear believe this utter nonsense. My friends will all recall how I on the occasion of a speech predicted that around the turn of the 21st century policies of the time (breech of the Betton-Woods Treaty, for one) would bankrupt the nation and throw world markets into turmoil. A U.S. Congressman from my state (Iowa) said similar things, just as my present U.S. Congressman, Ron Paul, is saying them. We're in for it now, that's sure.
    4. MalcolmC
      G'Day BD, last day on my home computer - off tomorrow to Brisbane to see chainsaw then on our BIG trip. Will be in Adelaide 4th November. My mobile is 0408 776 976.
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