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    Murray Hallam’s Practical Aquaponics offers consulting services on all aspects of Aquaponics and integrated Aquaculture technology. Serious home food production systems or Future Farms.

    Our service extends from initial planning, site assessment and feasibility studies, system design, plans and specifications, bill of quantities right through to commissioning and follow up hand holding.

    Particular attention is paid to marketing strategies.
    Trouble shooting for existing systems either at home or on the farm.
    We provide management systems and protocols for fish and plant management and production.
    Water Quality is a high priority in our designs.
    Fish solid materials are processed and utilised in system design so that all available plant nutrients are made available for maximum, nutrient dense plant production.
    Fish health and growth is maximised by good system practices and equipment design.
    Our system designs are contemporary but kept as low tech as is reasonably possible. Sustainability and environmental consciousness are a very high priority.

    Advices are provided on component and equipment procurement with a careful eye on quality and value.

    Our services can be delivered by email, phone, Skype and face to face on site.

    Practical Aquaponics services are based on actual experience. As our name “Practical Aquaponics” suggests. If we haven’t done it, tried it, implemented it or been involved in it before, we do not recommend it.

    Our systems work. Guaranteed.

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    Murray Hallam
    Practical Aquaponics

    Murray Hallam Founder / Director of
    Practical Aquaponics Australia.
    & Founder C.E.O of
    Aquaponics Institute LLC USA.