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SILVER Membership Subscription Membership at this level will give you access to much more specific information. For example, plans and specifications of various DIY projects.
Construction Plans for Toteponics. An Aquaponics system built from recycled Tote Tanks or IBC's as they are widely known.
Construction Plans for Bathtub Aquaponics A low cost way to get started into Aquaponics using two recycled bathtubs.
See Members SILVER page in the right hand menu for a list of content for this subscription level.
There are comments and answers to comments right throughput this membership level.
We have now made live an exclusive Forum for members where you can ask questions specific to your DIY project and get answers and assistance from Murray or Lee.
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Murray Hallam - Aquaponics from practical experience.

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44 Responses to Membership Options.

  1. Doug Gillan says:


  2. Dean says:

    My first day on the blog site and I love the way it is setup. Tremendous job and when I grow up I want to be just like you. :-)>
    Best wishes,

  3. jerry says:

    I tried to set up for my DIY group subscription using my regular user name and password . How do I join? Paypal was paid. Jerry

  4. Murray says:

    Hi Jerry,
    There was a link at the bottom of the page that was sent to you by the system. Using that link you choose a username and password. If you have done that and it still does not work for some reason, email me giving me your prefurred username and I will manually set it for you. You can change your password later to one of your likeing. I hope this is helpful to you.

    [email protected]

  5. Bruce says:

    I have just paid S19.90 for the one year viewing thinking that I would have access to the DIY projects also.
    Just realised that its a $12.90 quarterly subscription, can I change to this subscription as it was my first intention and I am keen to start the bathub scenario.
    Thank you

  6. Murray says:

    Hi Bruce,
    Yes I can fix that for you. I cannot do it untill tomorrow because I am not at my desk.
    I will refund the differenc back to your Paypal account.
    No worries.

  7. Bruce says:

    Thank you very much.

  8. Bruce says:

    Am I able to access the DIY projects now?
    I have tried and nothing seems to be happening.
    Thank you

  9. Murray says:

    Hi Bruce, I see that you have paid for access to the on-line DVD viewing, not the DIY section.
    Regards Murray

  10. Bruce says:

    I know I paid access to the online viewing as per previous email.
    I mean’t to pay for the quarterly subscription which you said you could fix for me in a previous email. (I thought that I would have access to both).
    Let me know if there is still a problem.
    Thank you

  11. will says:

    why is aquaplonics better than hydroplonics?

  12. Murray says:

    Hi Bruce, It is all fixed now. Just use your normal user name and password to access the DIY section.

  13. Murray says:

    I am reluctant to say anything that might appear to put Hydroponics in a bad light as it is a well proven technology.
    Aquaponics is an ECO system, hydroponics is not.
    Aquaponics produces two crops for the ONE nutrient input, plants and fish. Hydroponics produces only one crop, plants.
    Aquaponics uses the water over and over, no need to run water to waste.
    Hydroponics eventually needs to dump water.

    Just a few differences for you to ponder.

    I hope this helps

  14. Wes says:

    I still cant log into the DYI section??? I have a valid membership, is it still broken????

  15. Murray says:

    Sorry Wes , the server iss overloaded at trims. We are in the process of moving The entire site, but it is a big job. Hope to have it finished soon. Thanks for your patience.

  16. Nick says:

    Hey Murray,

    I’m already signed up as a free member on the site, and want to buy the Bathtub aquaponic how-to instructions. Is there a way to buy only that ($9.90)? Having a hard time understanding if I need to upgrade my subscription to buy that or if I can just buy that. Thanks for your help, Nick

  17. Murray says:

    Hi Nick,
    You can buy that separately, just go to this page
    and click on “add to cart” and follow the steps.
    The order will come through and the plans will be emailed to you manually within 24 hours.
    Upgrading to the Silver membership will give you access to those and other plans and other material if that is the way you wanted to go.
    I hope this helps

  18. marcs says:

    I am tyring to sign up for the member silvers page and it says that my username is already used, so I change it, and then it says my email is already used? How do I register? Thanks, Marc

  19. Murray says:

    Marcs, that is because you are already a member in the Bronze group. If you want to upgrade the SILVER then log in as your bronze membership and while logged in, upgrade. Your user name and password will be taken up to the new level automatically. This process is clearly stated on several pages of the blog as,

    NB) If you are already a member of BRONZE FREE group make sure you are logged in BEFORE you upgrade by paying with Paypal. This will carry your existing user name and password up to the new membership level.

    I hope this helps.

  20. Mo says:

    Hi Murray,

    I’m having some issues accessing the right Membership Price.
    I just joined your site and looking to get a SILVER membership in order to get some educated help by the like minded people here, and most of all download some plans and instruction on how to build the siphon and setup a few systems.

    12.50 or 12.90? Where do I sign-up for membership vs. blog or forum?
    You have two different prices for your Silver membership…? I’m assuming it’s a typo and if so what is the fee?

    I also read the post above with the person who purchased a “viewing” subscription and thought it was the “DIY” subscription. I almost did the same.
    Please find a way to make the options more clearer.

    I’m having a hard time finding the instructions for the IBC system installation.
    Time is of the essence, being in Canada where Spring has just about begun.

    Thanks in advanced,
    Mo (Toronto, Canada)

  21. Murray says:

    Hi Mo,
    Sorry you are having difficulty.
    It is 12.90. Thanks for pointing the typo out….it is fixed now.
    The viewing licence is not a membership as is clearly stated immediately above the Paypal button on the DVD viewing page.
    “This viewing access is not part of any Membership Subscription”

    The instructions are in ths SILVER members section. You can see the link to them in the right hand side “Content Pages” menu, under SILVER MEMBERS.

    Get back to me if you are having any further difficulty.
    Regards Murray.

  22. Kenneth says:

    I had signed up on a free membership, and tonight I signed up for the Silver, but it won’t let me sign up as it says I need a different User Name and Email account. I paid using Pay Pal, but don’t know how to fix it. Could you hellp?
    Thanks in advance.

  23. Murray says:

    All fixed now.

  24. smile1170 says:

    thanks murry
    and thanks for these fantastic web sites you have created for aquaponics people around the world that are just learning
    thanks shane

  25. dave says:

    Hi Murray,
    I live in POrt Stephens NSW, and am rady to start aquapoincs shortly. Very Keen.
    Probably start out with a bathtub system as im on a budget. What soet of stocking density would i be looking at for an avg bathtub? Prob Jade or silver perch, but would love barra, theres a large commercial barra op here in town.

  26. Murray says:

    Hi Dave,
    Five or Ten will be about it for the average bath tub system. If you add more bathtubs as grow beds, that equates to more filtration so you could add more fish. Best not to overload the system. Barra are a bit hard for a first fish. The water quality for them must be very good, water temps must also be good, and they have this bad habit of eating each other.

  27. jerry says:

    you zaped my paypal account but i cant get in the silver members page

  28. Murray says:

    Hi Jerry. I did not “zap” your Paypal account…..sorry.
    If you made a payment for SILVER access then it should work. Let me see if you can be seen in there. I will send you an email. Maybe you have typed in your password incorrectly.

    You or someone else is in the membership section using the same email address as the one used by you to post this comment. It would appear that you are attempting to use two different identities and log ins. Which one is the one you wish to use? If both are yours , then perhaps you have different passwords to each and have them mixed up.
    The other identity using your email address is JJJ and JJJ has not made a Paypal payment for access to the SILVER members area.

  29. Trent says:

    Hi, I made a payment of 12.90 and had access to the members silver area. Then I noticed in my paypal that it was a recurring payment. I canceled the recurring payment, but as far as I know I had made a single payment of 12.90 so that should give me 3 months. Now I have no access to the silver area!

    Please explain or correct, thanks.

  30. Murray says:

    Hi Trent, I have sent you a private email with your log in details.

  31. Ramon Campos says:

    I was expecting to get a password to be able to log in and then order order some of your stuff. could you please send me that password?


    Ramon Campos

  32. Murray says:

    You are not in here as a member. I cannot find you in either the Bronze or Silver members listings, so no password required. You can order stuff here

  33. Jerry Fitch says:

    I would like to order a couple DVD`S from you If they are NOT in Pal format as I live in the USA . Also unable to log on to your membership screen. As it keeps telling me it has reset my password,Ichanged it three times ,still can`t log in . Please help, Jerry

  34. John Zan says:

    Hi Murry,

    I’ve the exact same problem that Trent had (May 24, 2011 at 12:20 pm).


  35. John Zan says:

    Hi Murray,

    Reading through the TotePhonics1.pdf, I think I’ve spotted an error (typo) ->
    Page 13, 3rd sentence.
    ” This is made up in order to bring the water from the bottom of the tank, up and out and back to the fish tank.”

    Should this not be:
    “This is made up in order to bring the water from the bottom of the tank, up and out and back to the sump.”


    PS: Apologies for the spelling mistake in your name on the previous post.

  36. Murray says:

    Thanks John,
    You are correct. I will get onto it later today and correct the downloadable copy. Can’t fix the PDF that is on the CD, but hey… is a small thing.

  37. Murray says:

    Hi John,
    If it is in regard to recurring Paypal payments. The software removes you from the membership list when you cancel your membership. It is just the way it works…sorry. By cancelling you are saying that you don’t want to be a member so it removes you from the membership listings. If you only want a short time access then join, but make a diary entry for yourself to cancel with Paypal just before the three months is up or when you have gleaned all you require from the SILVER members area.

  38. Murray says:

    Hi Jerry, Two of the DVD’s “Aquaponics Made Easy” and “Secrets” are in PAL format. “The first 12 months” & “DIY Toteponics” is in NTSC. All of them play very well on your PC or Mac and most new DVD players coming out onto the market are multi format. We have sent thousands of copies in PAL to the USA and they are being enjoyed very much.

  39. Andrew Wheatland says:

    Hi Murray.
    In regard to your comment July 31 re Paypal cancellation.
    I have cancelled recurring payment before reading your comment, and cannot access bathtub section, and possibly others.
    Can I be reinstated for 3 mths please.

  40. Murray says:

    Easiest way for you is to sign up again and get the info that way.

  41. Mariana Abrunhosa says:

    Hello Murray! I’m portuguese, so sorry about my english spelling! We live in south Portugal, at mountain, where its realy warm at summer; there’s a lack of agricultre for that reason, maybe… Here in Portugal, there is no aquaponic information or market… Been seing your videos and reading your posts, but becouse of some flaws in my english i dont understand some things. We are developing an sustainable agriculture project with the finacial help from our government. The project is pillared on economic need but aswell at personal ideals. We have a vision of the society where the people eat clean food, that grows a few km from home. So, the project will ocupy 1100m2. We planing on making 4 green houses, each one with 273m2. Planing making with NFT. At this moment my question is if you think it’s better with deep and flow sistem, could you give an idea how we should do it? I aprecciate a lot your attencion. Continuation of good work. Big hug. Mariana Abrunhosa

  42. Murray says:

    Hi Mariana,
    I am sure I saw an email from you this morning. I am out on an install job at the moment. Actually on an inter island barge so I am using thebtime to catch up on answers to comments in my blog.
    Your intended project isva really good size and would be easy to manage. My own personal preference is deep water culture fo all sorts of reasons.
    I will look for your email. If you have not already sent me an email, please do so to Murray(at)

  43. Jorge Barrios says:

    The images are not visible on your page, how can this be renedy so I can weight if it is worth to become a silver member? Your response will be much appreciated.

  44. Murray says:

    I have fixed all the image problems I can find….sorry for any inconveience.

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