Password Changes.

Those impossible to remember passwords are real pain!

I hate those stupid computer generated passwords, can

The system is designed to issue you a password when you first join,( I didn't design the system, it comes like this)
If you can't remember or have lost your system issued password, use the facility to get another password.

Once you are logged in using the password issued automatically by the system , you will see on the top right hand side of the page (The right hand column) "My Profile Summary"
In that menu see "Edit my profile" Click on "Edit my profile"
In the dialogue box that opens you will see, at the bottom of that box, the option to change your password to one of your own specification.

I am sure members will find this helpful.

Happy Aquaponics.
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2 Responses to Password Changes.

  1. Ca says:

    Hi Murray, I can not log on to the site. My Password has changed but still no luck

    Thanks Carolle

  2. Murray says:

    Hi Carolle
    I have just reset your password for you and sent it to you in an email.
    Perhaps you are trying to use the wrong user name I notice this comment you have used Ca, that is not the user name you have in the system.

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