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  1. Rose Anton A. Rodriguez says:

    I’m new to all of this this…I want to learn more about aquaponics…

  2. Murray says:

    Hi Rose, There is loads of info in here and if you are prepared to do a bit of digging. Also, have a look at my You Tube Channel. http://www.youtube.com/user/MurrayPonics?feature=mhee

  3. Anthony Lorenzo says:

    Murray, just wanted to start out by thanking you…. your videos have been most inspirational to me in getting started with Aquaponics.

    That being said, I live near Cleveland, Ohio, US agricultural zone 6A, and it regularly has sustained freezes here during the winter time. I am afraid that i have found no information on how to use Aquaponics in my area (without a greenhouse and heat applied). Obviously the fish tank can never freeze… but what do i do with it outdoors during the cold winter months when vegetation ceases to be viable in the grow beds? My thoughts were that you would treat it like a fish tank and pump out 20% of the water, replacing it with clean water….

    As someone just getting into this, currently in between jobs, I obviously can’t afford greenhouses and heaters going outside all winter… am wondering if you have any tips for those of us living in more temperate climates.

  4. Murray says:

    Hi Anthony,
    It is very difficult to do Aquaponics in extreme cold without some shelter for the plants and fish. Many have small systems in their basements or garages. Perhaps that is an option for you.

  5. Anthony Lorenzo says:

    I guess what I am trying to figure out is this: can i shut down plant production in freezing months, put a heater in the pond, and flush 20% of my water once a week to keep fish alive and growing (slowly) in winter months where it would be difficult to keep pond warmer than 40 degrees Fahrenheit? We have some local fish that actually are worth quite a bit in our region (yellow perch) that live in the local waters here…

    I know i eventually want to build a large greenhouse and do a larger production space, but that is just too expensive for me starting out right now.

  6. Anthony Lorenzo says:

    I was even thinking of running some piping through a large compose pile to use to heat it in the winter time… to keep my electric costs down and pond from freezing. We just had one of the mildest winters on record this year, but that could be just some fluctuation and not the new norm… it is hard to say with climate change factored in.

  7. Nichole Russell says:

    Hi There I am trying to find where the PDF is available for sale but have been unsuccessful. Can you please send me a link to the page?

    Thank you

  8. Murray says:

    Hi Nichole,
    The plans can be found in the SILVER members area.

  9. Sharon Johnson says:

    I’m still a little iffy on how the water drains from the fish tank back into the sump tank in the Chop2 Mark system…if my pump stops unexpectedly, does that mean all the water is dumped from my fish tank? I’ve watched all three videos over and over…did I miss something?

  10. Murray says:

    All the water cannot drain from the fish tank because it cannot drain down further than the outlet coming from near the top of the fish tank.

    Maybe this will help http://www.aquaponics.net.au/Chops.html
    I hope this helps

  11. Savvas says:

    how do things start? I assume fish tank first and ? (how much time later the plants?

  12. Murray says:

    Hi Savvas,
    You need a fish tank and some sort of arrangement to grow plants. In most small home style systems it is good to go for media beds such as gravel filled containers. Perhaps you should go to my You Tube Channel http://www.youtube.com/user/MurrayPonics/videos and sign up for the SILVER membership on this site to get knowledge on the subject.

  13. Marlyn says:

    Just getting started and want learn all I can

  14. Murray says:

    Hi Marlyn.
    Glad the see you here. I am sure you will gain much from reading the blog.

  15. Anthony Lorenzo says:

    I would love to hear an answer to my question….

  16. laurie conway says:

    gday murray can i grow dwarf citrus plants in aquaponics system

  17. Maddy says:

    Anthony I was looking into this myself recently and found it impractical to shut the system down during the winter months. Even though some fish can over winter in frozen ponds the bacteria (biofilter) that makes fish waste edible to plants will surely die. It takes a complete cycle of the system to replenish the biofilter in the spring before you can plant anything and by then you have already lost a good deal of your growing season.

    I would love to hear feedback on this but my suggestion, if you still want to do it that way, would be to transfer some of your outdoor system indoors for the winter so that you don’t have to start from scratch every spring.

  18. Tow Joe says:

    Murray, I am using an old Jacuzzi for my fish tank. It holds about 300 gallons. I only have goldfish for now. It has been up and running for six months now. I know you occasionally loose a fish here and there. Lately I have been loosing two to three a day.
    I got a test set from your friend Steven Handrop here in San Diego, CA USA and all my water parameters seem to be right on. I even took a bottle of water to my local pet store and they confirmed the water was perfect.
    I only have a 4×4 plastic grow tray above the fish tank. It now has zuccini, strawberries, one pepper plant, some kale and tomatos.
    I am experimenting with my Bell Auto Siphon that I got from Steven Handrop.
    I was almost ready to stock it with some other fish until my goldfish started dying. Do you have a link to anywhere on your site to address the topic of fish dying? Thanks

  19. Murray says:

    Hi Maddy,
    Aquaponics performs much better in any climate in some sort of protected environment. It can get expensive to do in extreme hot or cold climates. It all depends on how it will benefit each individual as to it’s worth and therefore investment. I feel it would not work too well as you have suggested.

  20. Murray says:

    Hi Joe, There are many reasons why your fish are dying. You really need to test for ammonia and the other parameters. A pool shop test does not usually give you the info needed for fish keeping.
    It is easy to over feed your fish and this leads to all sorts of fish problems.
    Stop feeding for a few days, and let the system settle and get a good set of readings for all the parameters. A good test kit to buy is the “Freshwater Test Kit” It will give you about 700 tests so it is good value.

  21. simone says:

    hello, I’ve seen some movies and are really interested you can have designs to make this for home use.

  22. Murray says:

    Hi Simone, we have ready made kits and parts on our website.
    Look in the section here http://www.practicalaquaponics.shopfactory.com/index.html
    I hope this helps.

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