Ian Expands His Aquaponics Garden

One of our clients Ian A is a very keen Aquaponics gardener and is always working on something. Recently he expanded his Aquaponics garden.

Ian spends a lot of time in his garden. Aquaponics has become a big part of his life since being diagnosed with MS. “The grow beds are at the right height for me. Aquaponics is something I can do and enjoy”. Ian says. “It also helps a lot with the family budget ; nice fresh veggies straight from the garden are hard to beat”

Ian found out about Aquaponics 2 years ago and started preparing the green house a few months later.
As Ian can only do a couple of hours work a day and with assistance from his son and son in law, it took a few months to build the structure, then put the Aquaponics kit together.
Recently Ian has added some extra grow beds to his Patio Duo Aquaponics kit.

“I thought you might like to see how I have gone with the new grow beds. As I only have a small yard I placed the new grow bed at 90 degrees to the existing ones.”

“The gravel I got this time was very clean. It would be a good idea to inspect the gravel before you buy it to get it as clean as possible. Due to the water restrictions here in South East Queensland, quarries can not wash the gravel.”
“I believe it is not necessary to have grow beds under cover but tanks with fish in them must have something as bright light will upset them to much. Seasol can be added to the grow beds to start them off, but I have not done that this time. I did not really need to because the rest of the system is well matured and the water is being pumped all through all the beds distributing the beneficial bacteria and nutrients evenly.”

“The sweet corn was about 150mm high when planted and is now over 500mm high.
The 2 new beds do not have any cover over them, so are out in all natures elements. In one bed I have 3 cucumbers, 2 dwarf beans, 6 cos lettuce. 9 cabbage and 6 sweet corn plants
the second one I have 2 cucumbers, 2 sweet corn, 2 basil, 1 capsicum, 6 butter head lettuce and 3 cabbage plants.”

“Just thought I would send you this photo of my most recent tomato plant called Beef Steak, grown from seedling approx, 7 weeks ago. There are about another 10 fruit on the plant that are about half this size. Not as many as the last plant which was called Father Tom, I think, which had over 120 fruit.”
“I am very pleased that it was so easy to add more grow beds to my Aquaponics system and that they began producing veggies so quickly”

Ian…Brisbane Southside.

7 Responses to Ian Expands His Aquaponics Garden

  1. keith says:

    great site, hope to see my fish through the merky green soup soon.

  2. fishmanjan says:

    Just setting up my D.I.Y. CHOP Mark 2 system, I have 4 IBC’S and would like to know how to incorporate the 4th unit. thanks

  3. Murray says:

    Hi Jan,
    I assume you intend to use the 4th IBC cut in half to make two grow beds ? Is that right? Do you have my plans for the Toteponics system ?

  4. fishmanjan says:

    Hi Murray,
    Yes that would be the plan. I was’nt sure if part of the 4th tank would be needed for additional sump. Should the sump be bigger? I do have your toteponics system plans.
    Also what do you think of Mediterranean sea bass as a species for the operation?

  5. fishmanjan says:

    Hi Murray,
    I would also like to place everything in line in my greenhouse in order to save on space.
    would that require a bigger pump? Certainly more pipe. I would also have to run the system seasonally due to weather here in Nova Scotia and the fact we are away for three months. Does this present problems in getting a fish of suitable size for eating? I’m not sure how long it takes fish to grow. thanks again for any insight you can share.

  6. Murray says:

    Hi Jan,
    I do not know about “Mediterranean Sea Bass” sorry….I would very much like to know more about them. The sump needs to be big enough to hold all the water from the grow beds should they all dump at the same time….which is very rare indeed. As a rule-of-thumb the water in each grow bed is about one third of the total volume of the bed…..therefore one would expect to have a sump the same size as the grow beds for every three grow beds…..or get a bigger sump to accommodate the additional grow beds.
    Yes, you may need a bigger pump. It really depends on how far you intend to pump the water.

  7. Murray says:

    The choice of fish depends on what you can get locally. Trout will grow to plate size in about 7 months. They may be a suitable option for you.

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