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Practical Aquaponics

21 - 31 Hives Road
North Maclean Qld 4280
Phone 61 7 3200 0272
fax 61 7 3297 5154

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  1. scott buttress says:

    is there any workshops comming up in melb soon

  2. Murray says:

    Not at the moment, but we will get one going if there is someone to host it down there.

  3. rachel kulberg says:

    Hi I want ot biy a silver membership but I have a question- do you pay the $20 every 3 months and are you automatically signed up for it or do you have to renew your membership every month? Also, do you have any info in the silver membership on how to build clarifying tanks? Thanks

  4. Murray says:

    Hi Rachel,
    The membership fee is for every three months and is renewed automatically or until you cancel the subscription

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