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Jade Perch Questions From a Student.

This group of questions are from a student regarding Jade Perch guidelines.  These general questions are asked many times, so I have turned it into post for the benefit of our blog members. (Bronze and above) Hi,I’m a year twelve student and … Continue reading

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The Twin Killers in Aquaponics – Dr Wilson Lennard

Dr Wilson Lennard is an Australian scientist with a PhD in Applied Biology. He has studied and installed commercial aquaponics systems around the world. In this video clip, he turns his attention to the future of aquaponics and the threats … Continue reading

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Fungi and Bacteria in Aquaponics Systems.

Dr Wilson Lennard speaking at one of my Aquaponics Workshops here in Brisbane. Very informative information regarding the action of bacteria and fungi in an Aquaponics System.

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