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Aquaponics Seminar , Sydney. On-line

The Sydney seminar was just great. Here is a sample of the event, Murray Hallam talking about “Aquaponics, What is it” following on from Costa’s introduction. We have just commenced up loading, the the SILVER Members area, segments of the … Continue reading

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Multi Bed Auto Siphons – Set Up.

Often there is a need to have multiple grow beds draining into a common sump or fish tank and because of space limitations the beds need to be set up in a straight line.  This would normally present some difficulties … Continue reading

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What Plants Can I Grow In My Aquaponics System?

This question is asked often by those that have just discovered Aquaponics. It is possible to to grow almost any plant using Aquaponics as a growing system, but having said that, Aquaponics is particularly suited to growing green leafy vegetables … Continue reading

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CHOP Mark2 TotePonics (IBC) Powers On.

The TotePonics (IBC) kit we built for the recent photo shoot is just powering along. The growth is just amazing. The Fish: We have in the 1000 litre tank 103 Jade Perch. Right now we have in the system 4.93 … Continue reading

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How to get started in Aquaponics – Rules-of-Thumb.

It is often pointed out that it would be a good idea to have some basic rules-of-thumb for Aquaponics gardening.  Why?  Because they will help in getting started without needing to spend weeks researching.  The finer points can be studied … Continue reading

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