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Clontarf High Does 12 Months On Aquaponics.

Clontarf High has completed the first 12 months operation of its FloMedia Aquaponics System.  The system is based on CHOP 2 making use of auto siphons to provide the ebb and flow action that is so important for good aeration … Continue reading

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Aquaponic Education in schools is taking off around the world but its not often you see a new hybrid technology installed that combines two very different aquaponics systems – floating raft and gravel media together in the one system.   … Continue reading

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C.H.O.P Operating System. Notes and comments, How does it work?

It is most interesting to see the amount of traffic to our site that has interest in CHOP Operating systems. Daily I receive emails from all over with questions and comments about CHOP 2 in particular. In this blog, the … Continue reading

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The First 12 Months and DIY Toteponics.

Guest post by Eco Films. Just a quick update on what’s happening with the upcoming DIY Aquaponics DVD. The DVD is complete and ready to go. We’ve been waiting for Murray Hallam to complete his accompanying pdf file that will … Continue reading

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CHOP Mark2 TotePonics (IBC) Powers On.

The TotePonics (IBC) kit we built for the recent photo shoot is just powering along. The growth is just amazing. The Fish: We have in the 1000 litre tank 103 Jade Perch. Right now we have in the system 4.93 … Continue reading

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