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Aquaponics: Selling Your Produce At Farmers Markets.

Although many people get into aquaponics for the fun of growing fish and plants together, they soon realize the potential that aquaponics could offer them. “Going Commercial” is the hot topic on Aquaponics Forums as people consider the possibility of … Continue reading

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Fungi and Bacteria in Aquaponics Systems.

Dr Wilson Lennard speaking at one of my Aquaponics Workshops here in Brisbane. Very informative information regarding the action of bacteria and fungi in an Aquaponics System.

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Editing Aquaponics Secrets

We’ve had a number of people asking what happened to the release of the Aquaponics Secrets DVD? Over the last 12 months we have been filming an Aquaponics kit system from start to finish. We wanted to show the tiny … Continue reading

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