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Aquaponics Chop 2 Powers on – 18 Months Later.

How quickly does time fly? Since building and testing his innovative toteponics system based on CHOP2 technology we caught up with Aquaponics guru Murray Hallam to ask how its all been going? Murray immediately lights up with his usual enthusiasm, … Continue reading

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Clontarf High Does 12 Months On Aquaponics.

Clontarf High has completed the first 12 months operation of its FloMedia Aquaponics System.  The system is based on CHOP 2 making use of auto siphons to provide the ebb and flow action that is so important for good aeration … Continue reading

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Commercial Aquaponics – Why You Should Go Small First.

There’s been a lot of interest about commercial aquaponics recently and some discussion about how big should such a system be to become viable? Big is always best right? Not necessarily. If you envisage one of those broad acre hydroponic … Continue reading

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Aquaponics – FloMedia in Schools.

Aquaponic Education in schools is taking off around the world but its not often you see a new hybrid technology installed that combines two very different aquaponics systems – floating raft and gravel media together in the one system. This  … Continue reading

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Total Crash of our Blog site

I am sorry to report that our very popular Practical Aquaponics Blog site crashed Saturday night last.  I have spent two days trying to repair and resurrect the database but to no avail.    The fault in the database was also … Continue reading

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