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It’s Like The African Jungle – Indy 23

Prue and Andrew decided to build an Indy 23 Aquaponics system after completing one of our 4 day Aquaponics Future Farm courses. Well, without too much text we will show the photos.  These were taken just two months after the system was … Continue reading

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Aquaponic Education in schools is taking off around the world but its not often you see a new hybrid technology installed that combines two very different aquaponics systems – floating raft and gravel media together in the one system.   … Continue reading

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Commercial Aquaponics: Why You Should Go Small First.

There’s been a lot of interest about commercial aquaponics recently and some discussion about how big should such a system be to become viable? Big is always best right? Not necessarily. If you envisage one of those broad acre hydroponic … Continue reading

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Cold Climate Greenhouses and Seed Raising.

As part of The Complete Course we are offering an incredible one-day event… Sustainable Greenhouse Design AND Saving and Adapting Seed with Penn and Cord Parmenter This workshop is only available to participants in Green Acres Aquaponic Farming – The Complete … Continue reading

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Aquaponics: Selling Your Produce At Farmers Markets.

Although many people get into aquaponics for the fun of growing fish and plants together, they soon realize the potential that aquaponics could offer them. “Going Commercial” is the hot topic on Aquaponics Forums as people consider the possibility of … Continue reading

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