Total Crash of our Blog site

I am sorry to report that our very popular Practical Aquaponics Blog site crashed Saturday night last.  I have spent two days trying to repair and resurrect the database but to no avail.    The fault in the database was also present in my last backup no luck there either.

Murray Hallam - Practical Aquaponics

It will be a long job re entering all the data but pages and posts are all lost.  We have managed to retrieve most (we hope all) of the membership info.
The membership system will be up again in a few days and I will gradually re enter by hand all of the memberships.  There is just over 2,600 so it will take a while.

Thanks for your patience.

Murray Hallam
Practical Aquaponics

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  1. Peng says:

    you need to equip yourself with an iMac plus a backup time machine, which will prevent any similar incident from occurring in the future. as you are running a business, information management is crucial. two or three thousand dollars will give you a secure service of more than 10 years.

  2. Murray says:

    You are just so right. I just purchased 2 new laptops of the other kind. I am regretting now not getting an Apple. I have automated backup of the data base but that is what caused the problem, because the backup overwrites the previous backup and the backup I attempted to restore from was damaged. So manual backups is the way to go . Thanks for your input.

  3. Edward Laing says:

    Really sorry to hear your news, Murray.

    I know how devastating this kind of crash can be from firsthand experience, and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone!

    Good luck getting everything back online without any further problems…

  4. Murray says:

    Thanks Edward,
    Trouble is we have all become so dependent on these little machines..$%@&(
    Anyway, it is just a matter of slogging away at it to get everything back on track. The site traffic is coming back. The number of daily visitors to the blog just astonishes me.

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