Cold Climate Greenhouses and Seed Raising.

As part of The Complete Course we are offering an incredible one-day event...

Sustainable Greenhouse Design AND
Saving and Adapting Seed
with Penn and Cord Parmenter

This workshop is only available to participants in
Green Acres Aquaponic Farming - The Complete Course

Example of a very well constructed greenhouse.

We are incredibly excited to announce the addition of a new session to the Green Acre's Aquaponic Farming Course! Penn and Cord Parmenter have agreed to join us for an optional one-day session on April 25 to teach Sustainable Greenhouse Design and Saving and Adapting Seeds!

Penn and Cord grow year-round using their passive solar greenhouse at 8000 ft above sea level in Colorado year-round...with no powered heat! Now they are committed to taking what they have learned in this extreme situation and sharing it with others through their classes and consulting. I have personally taken this course at the Denver Botanic Garden, where they are frequent instructors, and it was outstanding.
By the end of the day you will know the key principles behind passive solar greenhouse design. You will also understand enough to take the plans that will be distributed in class and build your own greenhouse, often using inexpensive, recycled materials! Click here to learn more about their greenhouse designs.
Seed SavingPLUS, they will also cover the basics of Saving and Adapting Seeds in this action packed day! Learn how to save money and improve your seed stock the way farmers have been doing it for centuries. Click here to learn more about seed saving with the Parmenters.

What can you expect from this class? Glad you asked!

  • Fully trained, certified, professional instructors who live this every day
  • Sustainable Greenhouse Design
    • 4 -5 hours of instruction mainly by Cord Parmenter, who is a professional blacksmith and has built many of these greenhouses, and Penn Parmenter who grows in them year-round at 8000 ft above sea level with no supplemental heat!
    • This greenhouse requires no expensive fabric, parts or equipment and can even be built mostly of recycled materials
    • A full set of plans to take home with you
  • Saving and Adapting Seed
    • The remainder of the day will be spent learning to save and adapt seeds.
    • They teach the techniques they learned from Bill McDorman of Seeds Trust
    • There will be both lecture and hands-on sections
    • By the end of the day you will know how to not only harvest, save and adapt your own seed (thus reducing your farm expenses) but also how to adapt them to your environment and aquaponics system.

The Instructors


Cord and Penn Parmenter

Aquaponics greenhouse training.

Penn and Chord

Hi! We're Penn and Cord Parmenter, we garden together in the mountains. We grow Bio-Intensively which is how we grow more food in less space with less water. Altogether we are gardening less than 1/5th of an acre while reaping the equivalent of about 4/5ths. We have about 75 raised beds total which we rotate every year. We employ a combination of techniques to grow what we want. The higher you go in elevation - the more techniques you may need to combine. We have gardens full of growing examples of every kind.

We are raising three growing boys - Maximilian, Beauregard and Wulfgar. We have 4 horses, one garden cat, and we hunt, fish, forage, dry, can, freeze and grow.
Cord grew up in the wilderness and has a lifetime of experience in survival skills, wood skills, and horses. Cord is a Master Blacksmith and the owner of The IronMan - he creates beautiful custom iron for fine homes and gardens. See his work at:
Penn writes about high altitude gardening whenever she can and is currently working on a book about growing food in the mountains. Penn has a degree in theatre, and has studied and explored horticulture and the wilderness most of her life. We are co-instructors at Denver Botanic Gardens and around the state and region. We also give talks and lectures. 


  • $200
  • Cancellation policy Requests for cancellation of registration must be received in writing. Cancellations received by April 1, 2011, will be subject to a cancellation fee of 15%, which will be deducted from the refund. No refund will be made for cancellation requests received after April 1. If the event needs to be cancelled because of an unforseen cause beyond the organizers control (such as Acts of God, fire, strikes, and natural disasters, etc.) you will be refunded your registration fee less 15% to cover incurred organizational costs


  • April 25 (this will be a 5th day for those in Session 1 of the Farming Course, or the 1st day for those in Session 2)


9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Video Policy

Because we strongly believe that the personal experience of actually being in the class and interacting with the systems, the instructors and fellow participants is critical to the eventual success of the participants, this class will not be available on video tape and video taping of these sessions is prohibited.


  • Ridge Manor Community Center 34240 Cortez Blvd., Ridge Manor, FL 33523


Tampa International


preferred rates have been arranged, accommodations are not included

This workshop is only available to participants in
Green Acres Aquaponic Farming - The Complete Course

There are limited seats available and it is sure to fill up quickly. Reserve your space now!


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