Aquaponics Made Easy – All day Workshop – October 16.

In this workshop you will learn how to raise your own organic fish and vegetables in the most water efficient growing system available, and yes, you CAN do this in your own backyard.

Workshop in progress. There are practical "in the greenhouse" sessions.

In an Aquaponics system, nutrient rich water is seen as an asset instead of waste and is utilised to grow useful plants.  Once the plants have used the nutrients the water is returned to the fish tank clean and ready to be recycled again.  The plants help the fish and the fish help the plants.

Aquaponics is the most water efficient agriculture known, and there are near zero environmental impacts.
Aquaponics is a high density organic food production system.

You will learn:
- Both the theory and practice of Aquaponics will be discussed.
- How to understand and manage your own Aquaponics system.
- See and inspect actual working Aquaponics systems first hand.
- Important considerations when building or procuring your own home system.
- The plants and fish that can be successfully grown in Aquaponics systems.
- System management, water quality, plant health, pest control, the nitrogen cycle.
- Hand out lecture notes to take home with you.

Murray Hallam - Principal of Practical Aquaponics Brisbane and presenter in Aquaponics Made Easy DVD's
Lee Sykes - Production Manager and New Product Development at Practical Aquaponics Brisbane.

Please book early because numbers are limited.

Go here to book and pay.......

Date : Sunday 16th October 2011.
Session times : 10:00 am to 4:00 pm
Included : Light Lunch - Afternoon coffee or tea.
Venue : Practical Aquaponics 21 - 31 Hives Road North Maclean QLD 4280.


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