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This section contains information about building your own Aquaponics system from recycled materials, or new tanks and grow beds that you are going to connect together into a system of your own design.
If you need assistance to build your own in the form of advices and plans then you may wish to join the Aquaponics DIY Group by subscribing. The very modest investment of 12.90 per quarter allows you unlimited access to the files and articles that apply particularly to DIY Aquaponics.
Information about DIY projects, plans , instructions.

Contents to date.
Toteponics:- Plans and specifications to construct a three bed Aquaponics system from recycled IBC's Read more.
Bathtub Aquaponics:- Plans and specifications to construct a single bed Aquaponics system using recycled bathtubs. Read more.

To access the list of blog posts for the Members SILVER Club ,  see the listing in Categories in the right hand column of any page on this site.
CHOP Mark 2 Modification #1 The addition of a sediment filter or clarifier.
CHOP Mark 2 Modification #2 Fitting up a second pump to your system.
CHOP Mark 2 Modification #3 Make use of vertical space. A strawberry tower.
CHOP Mark 2 Powers On. The growth is just amazing.
There are comments/questions and answers to SILVER members right throughout this membership level.
You can ask questions specific to your DIY project and get answers and assistance from Murray or Lee.

Aquaponics Seminar held in Sydney April 2011 is being progressively up loaded. See in the SILVER menu at right.

More information applicable to DIY projects being loaded regularly.

Join the Aquaponics DIY group now.  (NB) If you are already a FREE BRONZE Member make sure you are logged in BEFORE you upgrade by paying with Paypal.  This will carry your existing user name and password up to the new membership level.

Murray Hallam..

Murray Hallam - Aquaponics from practical experience.

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9 Responses to MEMBERS SILVER.

  1. Wes says:

    I cant seem to log into the silver membership site. I have a valid membership but keep getting this error message. 503: Service Temporarily Unavailable
    Too many IP addresses accessing one secure area!
    Please contact Support if you require assistance. Is the system still broken???

  2. Dwayne Young says:

    I just paid for the silver membership for one year for the usa and you sent me my user name and password and the system wont take the password you assigned to me. it keeps saying incorrect password. Is there something wrong with your system or what? I would appreciate a timely response. Thanks dwayne

  3. Dwayne Young says:

    Maybe Im all mixed up. I paid the 19.99 I thought for the silver membership. Is this just for the years worth of video viewing? If it is than I would like to change to the silver membership. Plw\ease let me know as I still cant log in regardless. Thanks Dwayne

  4. Murray says:

    Hi Dwayne,
    The system is working fine. It is usually best to cut and paste the password in that way small typing mistakes are avoided.
    Let me know how you get on.

  5. Murray says:

    Hi Dwayne,
    Yes that is to view the DVD. The hard copy of the CD costs 39.90 plus post so it is very reasonable to be able to get it without having to wait and no post costs.
    Silver Membership is different and clearly shown on the website.
    I can refund you your 19.90 if you like and you can then do whatever you like in regard to membership.
    Would you like me to do that?

  6. John Blackstone says:

    Hi Murray,
    New silver member here. Great site, great info. Well done mate.

  7. Ruth says:

    Soo excited !
    I bought the bathtub plans a year ago and now have one tub. I want to use a hydroponic set up for the grow beds – like the one you converted over with 3,000 holes. Would this work as well as your plans using a second tub. I wondered how many holes to a tub and what fish would you recommend for the Gold Coast?
    Will be joining up for Silver – Thank you so much for your informative site.

  8. Murray says:

    Hi Ruth, You will need to add some filtration to the water before you send it own the NFT channels. It starts to get a little more demanding once you want to run NFT pipes. The Bathtub plans are designed as a starter system just to get people into Aquaponics for a very low investment.

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